Name: Chandana Bawa
Phone: 9810741194
New Delhi
New Delhi
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Chandana Bawa , is a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator , a Right Relationship For You Facilitator , a Body Process Facilitator and an author of "Breaking Free From Pain Points" , an access Consciousness book.
Having done 4 years of Psychology , she has intergrated the information with the tools of Access Consciousness and has successfully managed to empower others to change their lives dramatically in areas of money , business , relationships , health , abuse , addiction and more . She enjoys facilitating people to create greater in their lives through her classes and private sessions.
Having cured herself of fibromyalgia by using the tools of access consciousness along with creating a fabulous business , she enjoys sharing the magic of the tools with others. Her psychic abilities and awareness creates far greater for her clients. Her gentle and kind facilitation has indeed empowered others to change their limitations to possibilities and more.
Chandana is happily married in Delhi and is the mother of two beautiful girls .

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