Name: Darlene Sochin
Phone: 503-475-1887
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Darlene Sochin, MS
Access Consciousness® Practitioner and certified Access Bars® Facilitator
Indigo Healings and Mentoring
Family Educator
Reiki Teacher
4730 SW Macadam Avenue, John's Landing
Portland, Oregon

After having cancer 11 years ago, the journey to healing began. The uncovering of the capacities for sharing the magical intent of the Universe through Reiki, Laughter Yoga, Intuitive Mentoring, and the infinite possibilities of Access Consciousness allows me to gift you with tools for change and healing in fun, glorious ways.

Access Bars® is the first step in Access Consciousness®, founded by Gary Douglas, for those who are choosing more ease and joy in their lives. Receiving an Access Bars session, which is a hands-on healing process within Access Consciousness, together with learning How to also Give a session, dramatically changed EVERYTHING in my world. I began creating a whole new reality filled with unlimited possibilities and joy in every single area of my life.

A former preschool teacher originally from Boston,Massachusetts, I enjoy the playful and unexpected ways in which Access Consciousness provides us with healing tools that are truly unique and joyful, a path you can choose to finally get unstuck and thrive in all areas of your life. I am now an Access Consciousness® Practitioner and certified Access Bars® Facilitator enjoying the possibilities of facilitating such amazing tools available to the entire planet.

Change and healing can be fun??? How does it get better than that, my friends?

I offer:
* Access Bars group classes
* Private Access Bars sessions
* Personal Mentoring to assist you with joyfully changing and creating a life you love
* Access Consciousness Energetic Face Lift
* Access Consciousness Body Processes
* Access Consciousness Verbal Processing and a reading of your energy

Are you feeling called to create a relationship with your true self like you never imagined was possible?

Here, in the world of Access, Everything is possible.

With other Access Consciousness friends here in town, we are happily creating a regularly scheduled Access Exchange group so that we can share our tools and gifts with each other. Our hopes---here in Portland, Oregon, are to create an Access Consciousness community where you can practice the tools, receive the tools, and spectacularly Be You! What else is possible when we gather together to create space for ease, joy, and glory?

Private sessions: $85 for for 1 hour 1/2
Bars Practitioner Certification 8-hour course: $300 first time; $150 repeat

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 29/Apr/2017 Portland, Oregon Darlene Sochin