Name: Huan Xu
Phone: +61431768588
Address: Clovelly Park
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Hello, beautiful being!

Have you ever imagined what it's like to be living every moment of your life with the curiosity of a newborn child and the power of a Superman? What if every moment is a fresh beginning and anything is possible? What if you ARE capable of changing everything and creating anything you desire? If these questions resonate with you, come and play with me!

About Me
I have been passionate about “superpower” and healing from a young age. Working as a dentist, I am always asking what else is possible. I have been seeking the answer through many modalities outside of my university training, Access Bars® and Body Processes are some of the very powerful ones that worked wonder for me. After receiving these processes, my body feels light and spacious; my mind is more open to possibilities instead of being stuck in judgments. From this space, I can create much more in my life with ease. I now use Access tools in every aspect of my life and am watching my desires being fulfilled rapidly like magic.

What I offer
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Access Body Process® Sessions
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What magic can we create together?

How did I get so lucky to play with you?


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