Name: Judith Legault
Phone: 5198183895
Address: 182 Notre Dame St., PO Box 355
Belle River
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I believe in healing is a lifelong journey into wholeness, nurturing to support yourself to facilitate wellness and that this involves in learning to trust life. Throughout my journey as an Holistic Practitioner and a a Bar Access Facilitator ha been by using 32 Points bars on your head and other Access body process techniques.
Would you like to explore what Access tools and techniques how there is a far more easier way to fine tune them to be precision instruments to help you with a relaxing process, for undoing limitation in all aspects of your life? What would you be willing to change?
How much effort would you put to serve you with integrity in sharpening your awareness at your highest intention for you within the universe? How does it get better than that where you too can support yourself and then be able to help others to facilitate wellness? How would you like to learn to sense what it is like to give and receive? What would it take for you to use your hands as valuable tools they are to offer services to benefit you and your family, friends, children, animals, plants and our earth? When you share this health by using Access Bars, you share your wealth. I officer Private sessions and host Access Bars Swaps.

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 27/Mar/2017 Belle River, Ontario Judith Legault