Name: Jonda Watson
Phone: 830-265-1283
Address: 3217 Seafoam Dr.
Corpus Christi
TX (Corpus Christi area)
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I found Access Consciousness early in 2015 when a friend suggested videos by Dain Heer and Gary Douglas that presented some questions that completely opened up my world to new possibilities:

“Who does this belong to?”

“What else is possible here?”

“What about this situation or issue in your life doesn’t allow it to change?”

“What’s true for you?”

“What if it doesn’t mean anything?”

"What if nothing you chose was wrong or a mistake?"

“What’s right about this situation that you’re not getting?”

"What's right about you that you’re not getting?"

"What gift and contribution are you that you’re not acknowledging?"

From an early age, I recognized that people simply felt better after talking to me. Sometimes I’d be exhausted, sick or achy afterward. Years later, I discovered that I was an empath and an HSP (highly sensitive person). I cried over violence and cruelty of any kind. So, I stopped watching TV, going to action movies, and reading newspapers and news magazines. My family and friends often said I was “too sensitive”. When I first heard Gary Douglas say to someone, “you are not too sensitive, you are aware”, I cried with relief. That changed my whole viewpoint of myself and my life. Now, I am able to live my life as awareness and not feel like I’m somehow wrong for being me.

Having never had my Bars run, I took my first Bars class in October 2016 with Gary Douglas and Dain Heer in Houston, TX. That day changed changed my life! My mind was free of mental clutter, my body was relaxed and at peace. I felt more at ease than ever before in my life. I then practiced Bars on my friends, took additional Bars, Energetic Facelift and Body Process classes and became a Bars Facilitator.

I mentioned that I’m an empath. Empaths absorb other people’s energy, thoughts, emotions, and pain. I was so excited when I discovered that Access has tools for that too! Imagine how unbelievably freeing it is to return other people’s energy, thoughts, emotions and pain to whomever it came from? It is truly wonderful to have what feels like several pounds of other people’s “stuff” lifted from your mind and body! I love having a clear mind, open to creating new possibilities for myself. And also, having a healthier and more vibrant body, no longer feeling other people's aches and pains (and thinking they were mine!)

I’m still the gal who is a great listener, but now I do it with an open heart and mind, using and teaching Access Consciousness® Bars and other amazing tools to help clients and students remove and release limiting beliefs, patterns, agreements, energies, aches and pains from their own bodies and lives.

I’m also choosing more joy and glory each day and creating a life that inspires others to do so too!

Is there something (or many somethings) you want to change in your life? Bars, Energetic Facelift, and Body Process sessions are available for in-person appointments. I am also available for clearing sessions via phone, Skype or in person. I facilitate Bars classes in Corpus Christi and the South Texas area. I love travelling and would be open to facilitate classes in your area. Please contact me if you want to discuss what’s possible. How does it get any better than that?

I can be reached at (830) 265-1283 or Or to schedule an in-person appointment in Corpus Christi, TX, visit my website at:

I look forward to hearing from you!

With great joy,


Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 22/Apr/2017 Rockport, Texas Jonda Watson
Access Bars® 29/Apr/2017 Corpus Christi, Texas Jonda Watson
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 21/May/2017 Corpus Christi, Texas Jonda Watson