Name: Rob Kremar
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Hi my name is Robert Kremar, welcome to the Access website.
A little on how Access has changed my life and continues to do so.
I have been involved with Access as a practitioner and facilitator for approximately 12 years. Prior to Access my ability to create life's disasters was a talent one would rather not create, yet I did over and over again... What is different now that I have been using Access? I now know that my life is a result of my choices. The tools and processes in Access have empowered me to no longer be the victim or the effect of the reality I once believed to be true and unchangeable. The pragmatic approach that Access offers with interacting with the energy of each moment has allowed me to create from the joyful expression of life which is what my life has become... The Access mantra "All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory", glory meaning,(exuberant expression and abundance). Literally all of life; the good, bad and ugly, comes to me with ease, joy and glory. I invite you to try the mantra 10 times in the morning and ten times at night and see for your self what possibilities might be available to you...
There is too much to mention on how much everything about me has changed and continues to change with so many extraordinary tools and processes like the Bars, energetic body work and verbal processing... Here are some changes I have been privy to have witnessed from gifting people the Bars...
- completed recovery from nervous brake down within 1 1/2 hours
- various physical issues change significantly, some totally
- people's clarity with direction in life become crystal clear
- feelings of joy, happiness and possibility after every Bars treatment
And much much more...
I leave you with a question to ponder...
What would life be like as a joyful expression in every moment of every day? And what else is possible?

With Gratitude,
Rob Kremar.

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