Name: Lorraine Frongillo
Phone: 239-282-HEAL (4325)
Address: 10480 Stringfellow Rd., Suite 5
St. James City (Ft. Myers Area)
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Hello! Are you a "Seeker" who has always known there is WAY MORE Possible in this reality? Me Too! I am so grateful you are here! What can I contribute to you today?

What if you had Access to some of the most phenomenal tools in this reality that actually empowered to you to know that you know, and allowed you to actually create everything you know is possible...and you had ease, fun, laughter & joy while creating it? The life of limitations and impossibility is OVER, my beautiful friends, if you choose to let it all go. All it takes is your willingness and a choice to change all that is not working for you, and luckily for all of us, the pragmatic tools and techniques of Access Consciousness allow us to change everything we thought we could not change until now. True Story!!!

Imagine what this world would be like if you could generate, create, and actualize a life of true living....a life where kindness, caring, generosity of spirit, joy, laughter & fun becomes the "norm" on this phenomenal planet? What if WE ARE THE ONES we have been waiting for? What if WE ARE THE ONES CREATING FUTURE POSSIBILITIES OF PHENOMENANCE? If this is ringing your chime at all and this feels light to you, perhaps NOW is the time to step up and choose to be and do something's just a choice away!

I wonder....what will you choose if you have no limits and you could literally receive every molecule of consciousness the infinite Universe would love to contribute to you? How much joy could you embody? How much more caring and kindness could you BE and RECEIVE from everyone and everything on this Phenomenal Planet?

Interested in knowing more and accessing your unique gifts, talents, abilities & capacities? Please feel free to contact me for Private Sessions & Access Classes that will surely be a Harbinger of Possibilities beyond your wildest imagination! I truly look forward to meeting you in person, or virtually, worldwide, over Skype, my beautiful friends!

LET'S CREATE A PHENOMENAL PLANET TOGETHER!!! A Planet where everyone tugs into existence, "All of Life Comes to Us with Ease, Joy & Glory!"

Lorraine Frongillo

Phone Sessions Available: 239-282-HEAL (4325)

Lorraine is the owner of I AM Institute and has extensive training in Advanced Bodywork, Energywork & Intuitive Transformational Life Coaching, as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Access Certified Facilitator.. Certifications include: Neuromuscular Therapy, Advanced Energy Work, Myofascial Release, Access BARS, Energetic Face Lift, Access Energetic Body Processes; Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Fibromyalgia Bodywork, TMJ Therapy, Shiatsu Anma Therapy, Japanese Facial, Vertebraille, Foot Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Pregnancy Massage.

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