Name: Sheila Birdsall
Phone: 269.657.3660
Great Lakes Worldwide
Paw Paw, Michigan
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My first session with Bars held only more calmness and ease for my body and mind. Since then I have facilitated sessions for others and have had reports of amazing shifts in abundance, health, sleep, wealth, travel and relationship issues. Particularly, reports of each individual's potential manifesting in ways they had never even dreamed it could: foreign travel where no possibility of finance and fear of travel had been the case; allowing and accepting family issues to dissipate when previous choice had only allowed for resisting or aligning with it's consequences in emotional overwhelm, mental, physical, emotional issues changing, many times when no change was though possible. Many changes continue to show up when the Bars are used regularly!

It's a ton of fun to facilitate these workshops watching other's throw open the doors of choice to all that's possible for them. It's also rewarding to watch restrictions dissipate, minds relax and potential show up as possibility. Are you ready for a life created with ease?

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