Name: Susan Shatzer
Phone: 407-384-3412
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Susanís journey has been as she says it, ďAn Incredible GiftĒ.

I was in a tough place suffering from a Chronic Illness and then Dain asked me a question that provided the ah-ha moment I required. "What if Access Consciousness is what you have been asking the universe for?" The awareness that followed was profound. That day, I began a new quest for accessing consciousness. It has completely changed the energy of what I thought was possible. Based on asking a question, I embarked upon a journey of seeking questions instead of answers, and things in my life began to change.

Could you be ready to receive the awareness that a different energy might be available to you? What is the possibility itís you, youíve been looking to change to institute your dreams beyond your wildest imagination? I invite you to explore a different set of tools.

May all of life come to YOU with ease, joy and glory.

~ ~ Susan's Training Includes ~ ~

CF - Certified Facilitator,
BF - Bars Facilitator,
BPF - Body Process Facilitator,
Energetic Facelift Facilitator for 5 years.

I have taken (2) 3-day body classes with Dr. Glenna Rica & Susan Lazar Hart - Right Relationship
Hosted Founder, Gary Douglas for the Advance Body Class
Hosted Business Partner, Dr. Dain Heer for Level 2/3
Hosted a POD for SOP - Symphany of Possibilities
Attended (2) 7 Day Events
Created the "Ask A Question Change Your Life" deck of question cards in 4 categories.

I offer Clearings via phone or skype plus Bars and Body work in class or in a private session.

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