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"What a sensational experience, I loved the entire session and felt supremely calm and energized at the completion. Go for it, you will love it."
~ Dr Wayne W. Dyer, after receiving an Access Bars® session from Milena Joy Morris
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What if life is supposed to be fun?
What if you are more magnificent than you've ever allowed yourself to imagine?
What if there is a way to more relaxation, energy, and ease in your body?

Are you ready to experience the delightful changes that an Access Bars® session will assist in creating for you and your life?
Is now the time?

Access Bars® is a dynamic energetic body process that has brought relaxation, joy, and expanded awareness to people all over the world.

The Bars consist of 32 points on the head which hold the electrical energetic charge of all the thoughts, beliefs, decisions, judgments and emotions you have stored all your life about: money, body, sexuality, joy, sadness, healing, creativity, awareness, control and many more. A Bars session assists in unlocking and releasing considerations which no longer serve you. Similar to deleting files off your computer's hard-drive, more space becomes available to receive and create something totally new.
What would it be like to have more freedom in all of these areas?

Receiving a Bars session has also been known to alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and fear.

After experiencing a Bars Session, worst case scenario you'll feel as if you've had a really good massage, best case scenario it may assist in changing your whole life. :)

Here is a video with NeuroScientist Dr Jeffrey L. Fannin giving his review of Access Bars® :

Would you like to know more? Check this out:

Having studied energy medicine for years, Access Bars® takes things to a whole new level. Training for and receiving my certification as a Bars Facilitator has been the most pleasurable learning experience of my life (so far).

I offer private bars sessions, customized for each individual.
If you are interested in experiencing a delightful, energizing and empowering Access Bars® session, please send me an email, and let's discover what new possibilities we can create together! :)


Testimonials for Access Bars® with Milena:

"What a sensational experience, I loved the entire session and felt supremely calm and energized at the completion. Go for it, you will love it."
~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Hawaii, USA

"Milena, The energy work you did made a huge shift in my mind, body, and patterns of thinking. Since my two treatments last week I have already experienced major changes in my life. Thank you!!!! I truly believe in your work."
Ontario, Canada

"I am so grateful for Milena in my life. She is an amazing Access Bars practitioner and I have experienced profound and deep healing during my session with her. When our session was concluded, I felt so much lighter, calmer and filled with a sense of oneness and powerfulness. I had a phenomenal week after my session with her. I highly recommend Milena to anyone who is truly interested in having a better life. She has been a big contribution to my life and living and she would be the same for you. Thank you, Milena"
~Terry Butler
California, USA

"I discovered how fortunate and blessed I am to have had the privilege of you working on me! It has been a phenomenal week. My sleep has been better, I'm finding myself less judgemental towards others and myself and when I'm going to that place I'm better able to catch myself and change thought. In general I'm finding myself being more relaxed with whatever is going on. I haven't been able to practice on others as much as I would like, but I did run bars on my husband. He likes it! It softened him :)
It was my pleasure to meet you and spend the day with you! Thank you
for your wonderful work and support."
~Susan Rowton
California, USA

"Since my session with you on Saturday my nose has suddenly moved on from being the constantly running mess it was and it feels SO much better. That's some pretty cool stuff right there!"
~Heather Barker
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful, wonderful day yesterday. I really enjoyed learning from you and had fun in the process. One of my friends at the birthday party commented that I looked really lined up. I feel like a lot of dross was lifted off yesterday and I love the feeling of joy and freedom I am basking in today.
I noticed that I was so energized after our class, which carried on through the birthday celebration. I got home a little after midnight, woke up at 6:30 and drove to the Sunday market.
I really appreciated the way in which you taught the class, so clear, thorough, precise and insightful as well as completely enjoyable on all levels."
~Robert Brady

"What can I say about A life Changing Bars Session? Just to feel the energy changing and flowing, the tingling multi color lights of pure Joy. My Life has Changed and my Expansion of Consciousness and abilities I never new I had have come to light! Thank You Milena for setting me on the course of Ease, Joy and Glory! How does it get any better than this?"
~Caryl DeHerrera
Boulder Creek, California, USA

"Just completed first Access Bars class.....I am not new to Energy Work but this was to Infinity and Beyond. Skillfully facilitated by the lovely and talented Milena Joy Morris......All life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!"
~Suzanne Jonas
Sherman Oaks, California, USA

"Hi Milena,
I'm expanding and floating tonight...
Thank you again so much for a wonderful day -
A "first day of the rest of my life" type of day!"
California, USA

"Thank you Milena for a smooth, healing and great class!"
~Patti Goldsmith
California, USA

"My Bars Session Facilitated by Milena Joy Morris was , I mean come on, with a middle name of Joy, what do you THINK Milena's Class Facilitation would be like, really, "How Does it Get Any Better Than This" do I really have to spell it out for you, Ok, I will so here goes and BTW, it was indescribable and I'll do my best to put it into the words that I already know will not do it justice. For How do you describe a sunset or a sunrise, other than breathtakingly beautiful, or a waterfall of Gold Love and Diamonds of Brilliant Possibilities coming into my very essence and unleashed as my life, other than to say, just that?

And I will do my best to share with you what for me was a truly magically unforgettable and life changing Bars Class that Milena Facilitated. Now I realize that may seem ridiculously impossible for some of you to believe, to have that kind of experience in JUST a 7 hour or so class.

However, I‘m here to share with you, as God, or the Universe or whatever word works for you, is my witness, that’s Exactly what my experience with Milena felt like for me. [FYI: Editor's Note: When I refer to me in this testimonial, I'm using that obviously because I'm writing it, however Everyone else in the Class had the same experience.] I watched how she worked with each of us and all together as a group and we all felt the same things about Milena, that she really saw us, encouraged and invited each of us to come in and play with the energy of Knowing and Truly trusting that we did know what we were doing.

And now back to my individual experience. Milena gave me a real sense and deep knowing that I was good enough and smart enough and that I DID Truly have a Gift that could help assist people to heal many areas of their lives and I Could Learn how to Run a Bars Treatment on someone Very Quickly.

Milena has such a joyous, loving, child like Spirit, while at the same time having such Wisdom and Extraordinary Insights into how to guide us as Participants, preparing us and then Brilliantly guiding us as we ran a Bars Treatment on our class mates. She has the ability to see and read your energy unencumbered by any prejudices or judgements, she felt into my core and everyone there and helped guide me, (All of us) to remember my essence and forgotten qualities of brilliance that then opened my heart and gave me enormous confidence that I was making a powerful contribution to the person I was working on and from a broader perspective, the Planet.

I felt her unconditional love and wanting the highest good for me. It felt at times during my Bars Class with her that Milena, who is this incredibly loving, brilliant, playful, compassionate and wise soul, was there playing on the playground of life with me, laughing, loving, caring for, protecting, silently encouraging and inviting me to allow myself to just receive, with no need to try and control anything, just trust that this stranger who was working on me and being Guided by Milena, was doing it brilliantly and that the Bars session had the possibility to at worse, feel like a great massage and at best, change your life, forever, I felt the latter. This work that Milena so Masterfully Facilitated, worked on helping to heal me on many different levels and blossom me open simultaneously.

It felt to me that all during this Bars session, that I moved a tremendous amount of stuck energy, energy patterns of lies that I had carried around as my own for as long as I can remember. During this time, Milena provided a loving environment for me to feel safe, heard, cared for and totally seen. She helped me to remember and really know, that I have a magnificent genius and Authentic expression that I’m here to share with the world, in whatever ways that I feel inspired and authentically called to do. She was extraordinarily insightful and patient with me, teaching me how to run a Bars Treatment on one of my classmates by helping me to better see, feel, understand and know the processes and getting clarity about whatever may be coming up for the person giving or receiving the Treatment and how to clear it for both of us.

If you ever get fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Milena, either taking her Bars Class and or receiving a Bars Treatment from her, my unsolicited advice, is to give yourself that rare gift and RUN and take advantage of that as soon as you can, what if doing so, changed your life, "How Does It get Any Better Than This?"

Thank you Dear, Sweet, Angel in my life Milena, this Bars Session and your Powerful and Loving Facilitation will have a place in my heart forever. It helped to clear many of the layers of lies I had been carrying around and living as my own, able to more deeply and fully than ever before, know and experience my True Self. I left your Bars Class knowing the answer to this Life Changing Question that you invited us to explore,"What If You Being Truly You, is the Gift the world requires, the gift that it has been waiting on.

Thank you Milena for knowing the answer to that question and helping me to get to it as well, that me being truly me,(All of Us Being our True Selves) IS the gift the world requires.

You are a Miraculous Gift and I Thank God that I had the good sense to shut up long enough :-) to be guided to take the Bars Class from. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Milena, My Beautiful Friend, You are the Best!"
~Garrett Lambert
Santa Monica, California, USA

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