Name: Elena Dobreva
Phone: +64 21 250 6493
New Zealand & Bulgaria
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Welcome to my page, I am very grateful for you choosing to be here today:)

My name is Elena Dobreva and more than 22 years ago I have emigrated from Bulgaria, Europe and at this moment living in Auckland, New Zealand.

For many years I've lived my life on the edge…. in not so many words I lived colorful life. It wasn't always fun nor did it create the life I truly desired.

I was always looking for answers judging myself constantly for not finding the right one. Not being happy it wasn't fun living anymore. I become more depressed and sad by the minute.

Then a serious ski accident is when I came across Access Consciousness™. My chiropractor's assistant suggested to try a 'massage on the head' called The Bars™ . During the Bars™ session the huge heaviness that I've carried for many, many years lifted from my shoulders and I was light & joyful for a first time in a long time….

After couple of more sessions the facilitator told me that if I wish can learn the technique too, so soon after I when to my first Bars™ class. At the class I was having lots of fun and laughing so much and after that I didn't remember what we've learned or how to run the Bars™, until I start practicing on everyone around me who was happy to try :)

Everything changed from there, I desired different life for me and my family . I become Bars™facilitator as well as Access Body Process Facilitator.

Access Consciousness™tools and techniques are phenomenal gift in my life. They are assisting me transforming my relationships with our daughter and husband from unhappy to grateful and in allowance of the choices they're choosing. Today I am happier and joyful and mostly not judging Me :)))

How does it get any better ? & What else is possible ?

Will you be willing to ask for more to show up in your life….?

Is NOW the time to choose something different for YOU ?

What else is possible?

Private sessions: The Bars™ & Body work
Classes & Intro nights : The Bars™
Weekly: Gifting & Receiving Bars™ group sessions
FaceBook: Access Consciousness™ What Else Is Possible?™
Skype me : elenad101
e-mail or call +64 21 250 6493
Chao beautiful friend*****

Here is what other amazing beings are saying after connecting :)

Elena is one of the most amazing and caring facilitators I have met. She has been and continues to be a sound board for many of the questions and wonders I have. Her willingness to function from the place of no judgement and total space and awareness allows her to take you from opportunities to possibilities. How lucky are we to have Elena in our lives and be touched by her wand of magic, love and care. Rosie, ACBF, Auckland, NZ

***I was touched by Elena's warmth and hospitality when I attended her gifting and receiving group. The fun atmosphere inspired me to attend her bars class soon after. Elena brings a high level of integrity to her classes. She also makes people feel comfortable to learn the bars with ease and to embody their own potency. I have found Elena's facilitation with clearings immensely helpful to my life and business. Helen xox Auckland NZ

***Another awesome bars session with you Elena. Thank you for your awareness and contribution in all our classes and sessions. I always feel great after :) How does it get any even better than this? Love, love , love Adeela:) Auckland NZ

***Having my Bars run, was truly amazing. It gave me the awareness to see situations more objectively and allowed me to realize that there were different possibilities for me, it gave me the confidence and strength to make the changes I needed for a different outcome...a life with infinite possibilities. Thank You Elena for facilitating Amanda D :) Auckland NZ

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