Name: Brenda Edmands
Phone: (604) 588-9140
Langley, Surrey, Delta
British Columbia
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I’d like to share 7 Interesting Things About Me

  • Grew up as a military brat of Canadian Air Force
  • At age 5, experienced the magnitude of the concentration camps while spending 6 years in Germany.
  • I quit attending church at age 15
  • President's Club Awards accomplishment, Left 18 years of Corporate Business Management due to manipulation and poor health
  • I did Ayawaska in Vilcabamba, Ecuador
  • I made the front page of Vancouver Sun
  • Through the way of self healing and education on food allergies, trained with Meditation, natural medicine, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, New German Medicine, Quantum Physics, Holodynamics , Access consciousness

What about you ?

If you have anything in common or have anything that you would like to share with me, I would like to hear from you.

Life became more challenging until I discovered…The Source for Change!
It empowered me, gave me Choice and Freedom.

  • what if you discovered your problems and disabilities were really your talents and ability.
  • What if you were meant to be something more than you were told ?
  • What if being you was the change the world is waiting for ?

Are you still searching ? Are you ready for the ultimate secret ?

The ultimate secret to help you to choose
  • language that creates, ease,and lightness.
  • The place of thought, not that place of habit.
  • The willingness to have a big awareness and the ability to move forward into your life with it.
Ready ….. to unlock your true potential?
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