Name: Brenda Edmands
Phone: (604) 588-9140
Langley, Surrey, Delta
British Columbia
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Facilitator of Bars, Practitioner of the Body and Energetic Face Lift

Energetic Facelift Class, all is welcome
Feel peace, calm and ease in your body like you never imagined possible.
Relax the face, soften the lines and add a glow, in may cases incredible tighten and brighten
Clear your families points view and conclusions about aging and self judgements.

Access Bars Classes and private sessions
Clear and let go of the places the keep you stuck
Some call it delete and defrag

•Do you wake up in the morning feeling hopeless, over whelmed or out of control?
•Do you feel stuck in a relationship or your job?
•Do you spend your days doing so much for so many others that you have lost sight of who YOU truly are?

Over the years and spending 18 years in corporate business, I’ve come to appreciate that I am a seeker and lifelong learner. The mind fascinates me...human potential, captivates me.

My family is my blessing. I am most fortunate to have my dearest and closest friend, my husband Bob, share my journey with me since high school and raise two beautiful daughters together. This has been a privilege and an honour, as my daughters both, have grown into special and amazing women with their own unique contributions to the world. And then, to have such a special, beautiful relationship with my mother, whom I love dearly, has meant so much to me.

I am a woman who takes good care of herself! I cherish my quiet reflective times to devote to my inner and outer development.

People tell me I have the capacity to put them at ease in a very short amount of time and provide them with the clarity they need.

I bring my sacred gifts of compassion and ‘non-judgment’ to my practice and everyone else who intersects my life.

Do you believe that miracles are possible? I am here to tell you that, “Yes, they are!”

Here’s what some are saying about our work together:

“I first came in to see Brenda because I wanted to “go to the next level”; I just wanted to take my life to another place and experience more out of life. But, I got so much more! I got rid of thoughts, unconscious ideals and physical ailments that were preventing me from moving forward. I got peace and giddy excitement about the possibilities that are awaiting me around the corner. I got a desire to live my life to its fullest potential, not with limitations and anxiety, but with love, simplicity and acceptance. I will be forever grateful. Brenda has become my coach, practitioner and friend.” – Jodi Mossop, North Vancouver

“Brenda, you’ve helped me go from a ‘walking zombie, over stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted to a ‘Productivity Machine’ with ease and grace.” - Mary

If you believe in a Higher Power, and know deep within yourself that you have a greater purpose, but feel so trapped on the hamster wheel of “simply surviving” that you don’t have any time, space or extra money to begin fulfilling it. If you are done with feeling worn-out, exhausted, sick and weakened, NOW would be a great time to let that all go!

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of having a BARS session. I know it will be an opportunity for you to discover, what else is possible.
Call me, email me or Facebook me today and together, let’s make life a little more “Yummy”.

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