Name: Sharon Gibson
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Hi my name is Sharon!

I am super excited about the possibilities that are opening up and also for being on a new adventure with YOU!

I have been so fortunate to come into contact with Access Consciousness since 2004. It's now 2016 and everything about the way I live is totally different! I cannot imagine my life without Access in it.

My adventure with Access began when I was at a turning point in my life, it was a very difficult time and I was asking for help! Only a couple of days later, I met Gary Douglas and Dain Heer who were visiting New Zealand offering Access seminars.

I received a lot more than 'help' from them and Access & don't have words to describe my gratitude for this. I've had tonnes of fun hosting events for them in NZ & co-ordinating many specialty classes for international facilitators - for three years & continue to outside of NZ.

I am currently a Certified Facilitator©.

Right now, I am available to:

• Facilitate Bars Classes
> Facilitate Core Classes
• Facilitate private sessions - Bars & Body work
> Facilitate Body Process Classes
• Speak at Mind Body Spirit Conventions about Access
• Run regular Clarity nights to improve any particular area in your lives
• Hold regular introduction talks about Access.
• Speak in the corporate & Mental Health arenas about Wellness using Access tools.

So, what is possible for you today that was not yesterday?!


What some people are saying!

"Sharon has worked with me and Access Consciousness for quite a few years. Sharon was able to expand the possibilities in a country where there was not much growth. Her willingness to connect with people and be the bright, shinning being she is – was an absolute pleasure to work with. Sharon has incredible ideas and knows how to institute them. She is kind, caring and genuinely desires for more in her life and for the planet. I am incredibly grateful to know her."

Simone Milasas
Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness
Sharon is an extremely gifted teacher and facilitator. Having experienced first-hand the effects of her ability to cut directly to the heart of limiting core belief systems, she can powerfully facilitate new life changes, transformation in awareness, and enhanced peace of mind for anyone with the great fortune of working with her. Her abilities, heart, presence, and exceptional integrity and commitment to having people access their Greatness are hallmarks of a truly talented and valuable human being.'

Louise - Yoga Instructor, Bodywork Practitioner, Author of The Bright New Dawn.
”The Bright New Dawn"
If you, like me have been suffering from any kind of body trouble & think you have exhausted all avenues, I can highly recommend Sharon. After a skydiving accident left me for dead & having 10 or more years of traditional physical manipulation, I was pleasantly surprised at this unique experience of Access Bodywork. After just 20 minutes of gentle energy work my body became relaxed & pain free.

D.J. Galpin

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 25/Mar/2017 Northland Sharon Gibson