Name: Mary Jaz Mayer, BF, BPF, AFF, CEU provider
Phone: 804-928-9516
Address: available in VA, MD, DC, & NC 1230 Stanhope Ave, Richmond, VA 23227
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A few questions to consider...

What's possible after just ONE Bars™ session?
For one woman with 30 yr food addictions, session provides relief with new possibilities.

" I'm feeling good. I felt mellow and relaxed all week even though work has been busy. I've been able to rise above the stress, be more positive and "lighter." I have been using the questions throughout the day, typed them up and posted at work, home, and my wallet. I've also been perceiving fewer issues about food or deciding what to eat. I eat what my body indicates it wants, with less underlying mental/emotional drama. When I eat something that starts to make me anxious, or I attach a judgment to it, I use the questions to release that judgment and anxiety. Still a work in progress but this is a wonderful tool! "
Kathy, Williamsburg, VA

Scheduling private sessions or classes.
Contact me via text, phone or email 804-928-9516

I love to offer classes in Access Bars™ and/or Access™ Body Processes. (over 50 of them!)
I am a trained facilitator in both.

+ Private sessions offer support for individual needs and concerns Include Access Bars, and Body (90 mins)

+ Classes: Access Consciousness: THE BARS™ is offered as an 8 hr class
+ Classes: Access™ Consciousness Body Processes are offered as a single 3-4 hr class
or as 2 classes back-to-back with a break for lunch.
+ Classes: Access™ Energetic Face Lift Process are offered as a single 5-6 hr class.

++++++ HOSTING or Co-facilitating
Are you a natural NETWORKER and a Connector between people?
Do you LOVE to bring people together and GET REWARDED for doing so?
Ever consider HOSTING an ACCESS™ event in in your home or business?
I love to offer classes in Bars and/or Access Body Processes.

+ Schedule some friends for a series of private sessions and get your session free.
(That's a $125 value) Let's target a Minimum of 6 sessions.
+ Host an Access Bars™ Class in your town and I'll drive to you.
Get rewarded with a $100 rebate for the class. (Class min. is 6 class participants)

*(Fellow practitioners: What's possible with facilitating or co-facilitating a bars class that you or your contacts set up in your area of the east coast region?)

Since I love to travel and meet new people and am open for joyful adventures,
How much fun and ease could we have creating a class together? Call me to discuss the possibilities. 804-928-9516.

How wonderful is it to be able to share THE BARS™ with lots of new people northward into Virginia, Maryland, DC and PA and southward into NC and SC?

My sincere GRATITUDE and appreciation to Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness, to Dr. Dain Heer, Co-founder and facilitator, for bringing this work to the world.
And my gratitude to all those ACCESS people I've had the good fortune to meet and share classes, clearings, bars and friendships with along the way. Thank you all for your contribution to expanded awareness and consciousness. Gratitude goes out to my family, friends and colleagues who have been so supportive as my journey unfolds. All of life comes to us with Ease and Joy and Glory!

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