Name: Diane Milone
Phone: 718-655-7090 or 718-757-2123
Address: 2343 Mickle Avenue Bronx, New York 10469
New York
United States
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If you could receive everything and judge nothing, would that change your world a little or a lot?

What if you really could just ask and it is given?

What if it really is that easy?

What if you could just be the you that you be?

I spent most of my life knowing there was more. As a younster I believed I could do anything, that I was blessed and God was always with me.

What I didn't realize was how over the years parents, teachers, family, and this reality took all the magic I believed in right out of me.

I spent many years searching for what made sense, why was I here, I really did not fit in with anyone's thinking. I found many different spiritual teachings, they all helped a little but I still never felt different.

A couple of years ago I discovered the Abraham-Hicks teachings of the Law of Attraction. Everything I thought I believed finally made sense to me, it all fit, still something was missing. I spent hours listening to tapes to learn how to become happy, I did, but should it be that hard?

I was lead to enegry modalities, I learned TAT and Qi Gong, the excitement of harnessing and directing energy was an amazing feeling for me. I became different, calmer, happier, but my life did't really change.

Then I came across Access Consciousness, Dr. Dain, I immediately resonated with everything he said. By the end of the hour that I spent listening to him I was sold, Access Consciousness was magical, it added the missing link to what I have been learning and applying.

I started using Access language, went to a Bars Session and within a couple of days my life finally did start changing, I could feel my energy flow like a faucet. I knew right then I had to become a Bars Facilitator and share this magic!

All you have to do is live as the question, how does it get any easier than that?

If you resonate with this, I'm at your service, hope to hear from soon...


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