Name: Ananda Spinks
Phone: 07724808705 business use.
Address: Amesbury
Nr Salisbury, just off A303
Wiltshire, UK and beyond!
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Hi I'm Ananda

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I'm delighted to be a Certified Access Facilitator and Body processes Facilitator as well as to offer individual Bars sessions, verbal and body processes, energetic facelift, vision process and more. Although hands on body processes are best, for those unable to be seen in person I offer distance healing sessions which are also powerful. What can I do/be that I will contribute to your life and living? Check out my listings for class dates.

If you are new to Access then prepare to amazed like I was by these incredible, potent and profound tools and processes which can and do transform all areas of your life. Since coming across Access in June 2011. I have already experienced great shifts and changes in my life and consciousness and I am increasing finding ease, joy and grace as well as new opportunities and possibilities. Miracles and synchronicities are becoming a part of daily life!! What would it take for you to experience this also?

I have gone through many turbulent times, always feeling that I didn't belong, that there must be something wrong with me and that I simply didn't fit. I was always looking for something but didn't know what or where to find it. There had to be more to life than I was living and surely it didn't need to be such a permanent struggle, difficulty and hardship. Do you recognise this? With Access I have discovered that anything and everything is possible and it is only our own beliefs, limitations, judgements and conclusions which prevent this. You are the power in your life much as we are led to believe the contrary. There are powerful tools to help shift and unlock you from the deepest blocks and to find the way to actualising the life you dream of. Are you ready to step onto a path of something new that works for you? What if it all begins with a question? What else is possible, how does it get better than this?

I started as an NHS physiotherapist for 19 years but began to get increasingly disillusioned, unfulfilled and had increasing health problems. Leaving physio was the turning point in my life and as traumatic and devastating as it was at the time I now see what an incredible blessing it was. Since 2005 I have embarked on an inner journey of self discovery, raising consciousness and enlightenment, training in many holistic therapies. It has been a pleasure to find the true me which was previously hidden and unknown. I have to say out of all the healing modalities I have experienced and worked with Access is by far the most profound and potent. What can Access facilitate for you that wouldn't achieve or would take far longer by other means and how can I assist you in this?

What if you were the only one who could stop you in life was you and what if the only one who could set you free was you? Are you ready to discover your own power and potency, to acknowledge your gifts, talents and the unique contribution you are to the world? Want to live more consciously and have greater choice? If so I'd love to work alongside you to help facilitate you in reaching your desires.

For classes or individual work please contact me or visit my website

Wishing you ease, joy and glory in your life and living.

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