Name: Moira Rounds
Phone: 541-977-6737
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Moira Rounds grew up in Ashland, Oregon, a community rich in resources for exploring health, spirituality and alternative healing. For 25 years, these interests paralleled her working life as a successful business owner.

Ironically, as she became more and more successful, she also felt more and more empty and unfulfilled despite the profound awakening's she had in studies of medical intuition, healing, psychology nutrition spiritual counseling, mystery schools, channeling, chanting, meditation, tantra, courses on relationship, and many other growth and transformation modalities that were available.

She describes it like this, Id traveled, I stayed home; Id had money, Id had no money; Id been healthy, Id been in ill health; Id been in relationships, Id been alone; Id been drunk and Id been sober; Id tried every kind of healing/counseling/spiritual training I could find, and lived in every emotional state there was. Id turned myself into a project; and NONE of it brought me the joy or ease or relief and freedom I was seeking. I was searching for a a way off the merry-go-round of this reality, and desperately wanted to get out of the pain and discomfort of being alive.

After selling her business and loosing most everything in the land boom, the devastation, was worse than ever before.

She spent the three years in a quest to figure out what to do next. One day a friend made a suggestion which felt right: she returned to school and became a licensed massage therapist. She was happy and quite successful with her work, but there was still something missing. She continued to search for new tools which she could use to alleviate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain, both for herself and for her clients.

One day she was surfing Facebook when she saw the picture of a mans face. There was a quality in the picture which made her say out loud I want that!

That turned out to be Access Consciousness. The picture was of Dain Heer, a co-founder of Access. Two months later she took her first class. She received a deep and meaningful trans-formative experience along with a spontaneous physical healing, that gave her a sense of the joy, ease, and possibility that she had been asking for. After her first Bars class, her intiutive abilities broke wide open and she knew again the love of healing work. As a practitioner, she wanted to share these tools with her clients.

She signed up for Access Consciousness training and became a Certified Bars Facilitator in three short weeks and a Certified Body Process and Facelift Facilitator over the next six months. She is now a Certified Facilitator for Foundations/ Level One and a right voice for you facilitator. She had finally found the best tools she had ever found to create ease and to live outside the effects of the judgemet this reality is ruled by.

Access Consciousness uses dynamic verbal, hands-on body and off the body energetic tools to facilitate the changes you would like to invite into your life. It is with joy, ease and exuberance that Moira invites you to join her in learning to know what you truly know and to be who you truly be.

With ease and infinite Gratitude,

Menu of Services

Massage w/access body process: 1 1/2 hours - $250
Bars and access processing and clearing: 1 1/2 hours - $150
Massage, bars and access processing & clearing: 2 1/2 hours - $350
Bars class $300.00 for the first class - $150.00 for 2 and 3rd class if repeating in 12 months from first class
Energetic Facelift class $150.00
Single Body Process Classes $65.00 each
Foundations/Leval 1, 4 day class 1400.00, 700 if repeating
Right Voice For You intro 4 hr class $65.00
SOP sessions $250.00 1 1/2 hr

Private week long healing intensives also available call for pricing and scheduling

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