Name: Mark Brush
Phone: 301-401-4830
United States
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Before I was introduced to Access I was very depressed and I just kept on going because I wanted my son to have a father. I also had SAD and the winters were especially challenging for me. As a single dad, who used to be a "househusband", I couldn't see a bright future for myself. After my first Access class with Rikka I started noticing some positive changes in my mood and my attitude. Now I feel more alive and less reactive to my environment.

As the late Jim Rohn said, "My negative relatives are about the same. The economy is about the same. But I am not the same." Not a magic pill to make everything alright, overnight, but a set of great tools to help make positive improvements in my life. I enjoy giving and receiving Bars; it's a highlight of the week!

If you decide to take a class with me, you have to promise to laugh at my silly jokes and who knows, after a few clearing statements you might be able enjoy them ;-)

I'm looking forward to sharing these wonderful tools with you.


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