Name: Linda Stewart
Phone: Skype ID: asklindastewart
Address: Koh Samui, Thailand & London, United Kingdom
UK | USA | UAE | Asia | *Coaching Worldwide*
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The Art of Transformation
Kiss your limitations goodbye and start living your dream life now.
Accelerate your dreams and goals
Experience deep healing and transformation unlike anything you've ever experienced before..

with Linda Stewart, Intuitive business and lifestyle consultant, #1 best-selling author and facilitator/teacher of Access Consciousness Bars.

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- Breakthrough, complimentary discovery session
- Jumpstart, transform your life in 90-days
- Transform, 1:1 private coaching and mentoring
- Alchemy, Private destination retreats and VIP days

What else is possible?

Author of "The Little Book of Transformation" (2012), co-author of "The Missing Piece: A Transformational Journey" (2013) and "Transform Your Life: Expert Advice, Practical Tools and Personal Stories" (2014). Linda is a regular contributor to Inspired World Magazine.

Lifelong student of natural medicine and personal development, Linda is an intuitive coach, energy healer and teacher of Access Consciousness Bars. She specialises in helping her clients design their lives around their deepest values, supporting them as they step into their dreams, generate more income and have a bigger impact in the world.

She runs private healing retreats around the world and facilitates specialist work in the areas of abuse and trauma.

Linda graduated from the University of Westminster in London with a BSc in Complementary Medicine and is a multi-passionate coach and entrepreneur. She is committed to helping people transform their lives.

Alchemy Private Retreats
Do you know that something else is possible for your life but are still figuring out how to achieve your dreams and targets? Alchemy retreats are personalised private retreats created to assist you in uncovering your passions and creating your dreams.

This personalised 1:1 private destination retreat is completely different than any other group or private program and includes powerful energetic processes to clear and release your Upper Limit beliefs and any blocks and limitations that are stopping you from stepping powerfully into your dreams. During our time together we go deep using a 32-point energy clearing process (Access Consciousness Bars), powerful questions + tools and techniques for positive change.

The potent combination of intuitive coaching and energetic work in a beautiful and expansive setting away from your everyday environment makes for a deeper transformational experience.

You'll leave transformed, confident and clear, ready to implement the actions required to actualise your dreams and goals. Increases happiness and releases negative emotions and limitations.

The Alchemy holistic retreat will impact every area of your life. Gift yourself an Alchemy retreat and you will transform your health, body, relationships, money, business and life.


Linda is an amazing manifested, super inspiring *take your business around the world* freedom, don't miss an opportunity to connect with her!
- Carolin Hauser - Author, Speaker, Mentor

Linda is a very special friend and amazing coach. She doesn't just talk about it, she makes things happen for herself and others. A TRUE inspiration. If you follow her advice, you will get places.
- Brigitte Nath, Owner, Dorn Haus, Holistic Therapy & Education Centre & Founder, The Dorn Method Therapists Association UK

I remember the first day I met Linda, her inspiring and entrepreneurial energy was exhilarating. I have grown from strength to strength, exploring possibilities that once were dreams in various locations across the globe. I am super grateful to have such an amazing woman in my life. I would encourage anyone that has even the tiniest opportunity to work with Linda to do so - it will change your life for the better for ever!
- Dr. Tilean Clarke, Consultant Health Psychologist and CEO, Health 360, London, UK

Linda has been my inspiration coach, showing me ways to achieve my goals, helping me on my journey to success and allowing me into her inner world of thought. She has inspired me more than words can express.
- Nat A, Writer & Producer, London, UK

I came across Linda by pure coincidence. My sister mentioning access bars and a simple google search. I am a real feet on the ground type of person so I was a bit reluctant first but at the same time open to try it out.
It really worked for me. Linda helped me in achieving my big dream, I'll be forever grateful.
I recently had another session with her and as before it was incredibly relaxing and I left feeling light and content.
Linda's goodbye smile - like the first time - was amazing and somehow special almost knowing that something great will happen again.
Thanks Linda!
Federica S, London, UK

Linda, I have a lot to thank you for with respect to where I am now in my life…
Before our session in London, it seemed like the impossible but your confidence that I could achieve every one of my desires gave me hope. I am blessed to have worked with you. You are someone I look to for inspiration and will never forget you.Thank You!
- Hajra Hussain, CPsychol, International Speaker, Positive Psychology Expert, Dubai, UAE

My life has and is still changing on an enormous scale, I relocated to the coast to develop my own healing business, something that has been in the back of my mind for many years.
I would most definitely recommend Linda. She has a wonderful upbeat personality that helped to inspire me to make changes in my life. Linda is a great listener and has the ability to see things from a different perspective. She’s also a great laugh which is always a bonus!”
- Lorna Kent, Practitioner, Brighton, UK

Just had my first ever Bars session, leading to a feeling of such lightness and astounding clarity - wow, I feel amazing! thanks so much Linda..

I feel very blessed and grateful! I have been feeling so inspired ever since and more aligned with my purpose than I have been in a long time. I had a pretty busy weekend but I opened up my manuscript and made a start – I’m very excited!!!
-Lynda M. Artist, Writer, Designer, Soton, UK

I'm loving the way abundance shows up in my life with such ease! Thanks for being you and being such an inspiring and generous contribution to my Life!”
- Reana Danielle, Practitioner, Herts, UK

Linda was highly recommended to me as a practitioner, facilitator and teacher. I found her enthusiasm for the work and the shifts it can generate to be infectious. As a teacher she inspires total confidence and ease with this process. As a facilitator she is non judgmental and generous of spirit. I believe any exploration taken with Linda will prove to be a celebrated step towards a much brighter future.
- Nicole Harvey, Writer & Actress, London, UK

I found you had a beautiful, warm energy and made me feel welcome and at ease. I feel so wonderfully chilled which is great as I usually am quite restless. I would most definitely like to join your workshop to learn to give bars. I look forward to meeting up again soon.
Maxine, Essex, UK

Hi Linda, just wanted to say that since the Bars treatment with you Saturday I have noticed how I am much more relaxed in situations that would normally stress me out. It's great to feel so chilled. I am really looking forward to the Bars class. Thank you Linda for sharing such an amazing tool, in a warm and friendly way. xxx

Linda was very welcoming and I found this session extremely relaxing. As soon as Linda put her fingers on my head I could feel the energy going straight to my solar plexus, which has felt much clearer since. I was seeing images in my head relating to what I had inwardly asked to be healed. I can't wait for the next session and have my name down to learn this technique.

A BIG Thank you for sharing a wonderful experience. I loved, loved my Bars... Truly, I felt like I'd slept for 100 years! When I was finally able to sit up from my deep relaxed state of only what I can describe as... PEACE. The most peace I've felt for the longest time.
S Singh, Peterborough, UK

I ran Bars for a friends stressed 16yo daughter immediately prior to her GCSE exams. Mum said in the following days - midst exams...
She is on a high... thank you so much for doing the session for her xxxx

It was lovely. Thanks. I would love to have a session again soon.
H.O, Doctor, Amsterdam

A truly wonderful session - this was my second bars and I can already start to feel the difference in my life. Deborah F

More Feedback from a previous Bars Gifting & Receiving:
"my body loved it"
"amazing energy. I could feel my body clearing"
"thank you for such an enlightening and positive experience"
"thank you for organising a wonderful session. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted"

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