Name: Laury Coppinger
Phone: 720 406-9021
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Hello there...

Thank You for stopping by? Are you looking for dynamic change? How about more ease?
What if change could be ease-y? And, how much fun can we have as we change??

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MY OFFERINGS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Available at several locations around the DC, MD, VA area

~ Access Bars Classes and Individual Sessions

~ Access Energetic Facelift classes and individual sessions

~ Other Body Processes classes and individual sessions, such as
correcting vision, oldings, cellular memory, zero sum of trauma
just to name a few

~ Life Coaching- i was trained at Newfield Network prior to discovering
Access Consciousness, which really built on my ability to utilize questions
in very potent ways.

Gift Certificates and packages available!
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I love teaching Bars Classes and am willing to come to your
home or studio, with a minimum # of participants depending on
distance. Also see link above for current schedule of classes.

During my recovery from a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury,
I received three parking tickets in about a week, and
one of those was for parking in a handicapped spot.
My awareness was that the universe was saying, "time
to get moving, this handicap has you parked!"
I made a decision to completely matter
who said that wasn't possible.
A few weeks later I followed up on a tip about
Access Consciousness from a Colleague of mine, also
an Ontological Life Coach. As Life Coaches, we know
how challenging and time consuming it can be for people
to change, some more than others.
I drove 3 1/2 hours to the first class Bars class I could
find. I began noticing new behaviors and being more present
immediately after the class... without trying or efforting!
How does it get better than that?

I went from not even being able to support myself
financially to getting my own apartment in a matter
of a few months...I love this stuff!

I would be delighted to work with YOU! And, your precious body!

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