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Name: Diana Rhodes
Phone: 07753 750 222
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Hello, I salute you for taking your very individual journey on this glorious adventure called life.

I'm here to facilitate transformation. And i mean transformation.

Are you fed up with stress, a job you work too many hours for and the endless pressures of everyday commuter life?

Well, I have had 30 very successful years in advertising, running my own companies for many years.

And I had a parallel life for 15 years exploring anything to make my life easier, more meaningful, well...more alive. I learned reiki, meditation techniques, became a fully qualified human design analyst (that one took 4 years study), psychic studies, feng shuied my house and was gobsmacked at some of the 'wackier' esoterics out there. And then I found Access six years ago. Over this time, I have taken many advanced courses, including Body Classes, 2 & 3s, Cost Rica 7 Days, and Talk to the Entities courses, and faciliitated many people. And now, here I am, offering my facilitation to.....well you!

Please don't believe anything we or anyone else tells you. Get your bars run and see what happens. Try out the tools.

I am not a patient person. I look for efficiency. This modality is part of the fastest ticket to transformation ever. It works. What's the catch? You have to wish to change. The beauty of it? Everyone goes at their own pace. It's your choice, totally.

Classes: I will be posting regular bars classes in London as well as bars swaps.

'My Bars class with you was a very special day. †You made it so empowering for me, and since then I have been even more aware of my 'stuff' and what I learned on the day has been so useful, enabling me to clear so much. Thank you Diana'.†Lesley K.

Diana's Access Bars class absolutely rocked! I would highly recommend attending any of her classes as the amount of space and generative energy that she creates enabled me to expand into a whole new way of being. Her ability to perceive and shift the energy on any level of vibration helped me to really start to become more aware of my body and all of my awareness, and I have since been able to take the Bars to a whole new level. Thank you beyond words Diana! Natalie L.

One-2-ones: I specialise in ENTITY CLEARINGS and ANY AND ALL PSYCHIC PHENOMENA. I specialise also in advanced body processes. Know anything about dimensions? I specialise in clearing body processes across all of the dimenssions. I am happy to run your Bars and add the other specialities as required in a one on one session.

"Since my first session with Diana I have had job opportunities I didnít even think were possible, Iím now thinking outside of the box. Miracles and magic have also occured in other areas of my life. How does it get any better than this?" Sanmit Sawhney

Split up a relationship recently? Have debris from previous relationships? I have special one to one sessions for facilitating your clearance, so you can start anew.

One 2 ones can exponentially turbo your transformation; I discovered this for myself along the way, and would love to share my facilitating with you.

So, how about giving me a call for a free 10 minute consultation? Now that could be a start..... mobile (44) (0) 7753 750 222

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