Name: Laurie Kay Stansberry
Phone: 575-513-7135
MI, CO, NM, MA, and the world!
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Are you ready for a new way of living?
Tools to create your life?
Tools to get out of your old patterns, beliefs and judgements?

As with so many people, Access Consciousness Bars and tools have changed my life! I was hesitant to jump into Access- having done so many transformational programs. However, I saw the people around me, doing Access work, changing. Their lives were expanding, they were playing and having fun and having successful businesses and adventures. And I liked being around them- it was easy and expansive. What else was possible?

I had been experiencing major sleep issues- likely the result of head trauma from a car accident. I would sleep 2- 4 hrs a night and not fall back asleep. My internal energy was a mess and after 2 years of this - I was pretty done with life. I couldn't work, I was grumpy all the time, and my mind was easily drawn to the "dark side". I literally told the universe- if this is what my life is going to be- I don't know if I want it. A few days later- a friend offered to give me a Bars session to see if that would help me sleep. I slept a solid 8 hours that night! A few weeks later, I noticed how my behavior, my reactions, stress levels had changed. The only "cause" I could come up with was the "Bars" session. I decided to take a class and see what evolved. I loved the idea of trades- giving and receiving a Bars session! I get my Bars run at least weekly and do Body Processes as often as possible. I am overjoyed to say - I now sleep 6-8 hours a night! Wake up relaxed, rested and ready to go!

I feel like I have finally found what I have been looking for my whole life!

My life has gotten so much easier, richer and more fun! What adventures await you? What reality would you like to create?

I look forward to meeting you and if there's anyway I can contribute to you- please contact me! I offer Bars sessions and classes, verbal clearings, Body Processes and much more! How much more joy and ease can we create?


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