Name: Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH
Phone: 740-490-8712
Address: 20 Hoyt Street
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Why would stop you from coming to me to have your bars run? Everything that brings up....times a godzillion....LOL

Seriously....though.. ...It is my privilege to have a large "toolshed" from my journey here thus far...I run very high frequency energy through you when I do bars. I will also "go where your body calls for" after the bars patterns are run.

My clients often experience fleeting memories, pictures, shapes, colors and body sensations....during the session. After the session they experience a new lightness of being, a quiet to create and an easier time clearing and creating the life they have always wanted.

Everything becomes joy.

I am here to facilitate whatever level of consciousness ...that you are willing to receive. I look forward to working with you in the coming months.

Testimonial: Brian, Chicago, IL...."Do you have any idea how much you have changed my life?"

Susan, Sunbury, OH...."You need to do the Bars! After one whole life changed!"

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