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Name: Dana Pharant
Phone: 1-888-877-8881
Address: 68 Hooper Rd. #4
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With a passion and dedication to teaching it is with excitement that I add teaching the Bars and Body Processes to my list of workshops and seminars.

The Bars have changed so much in my world and I would love to have you experience that same kind of change in your life and body too.

I have ride myself of a lifelong depression and been able to let go of my medication for depression with ease. I have gotten ride of chronic Fibromyalgia type symptoms from my body.

I have a great sense of ease and joy around money. All the stuff I read about for years in mediphysical books and law of attraction stuff I now experience after only 3 months of running the money bar on myself every night. Small investment of energy for a huge return. Woo hoo!!

Does it feel right to join me on an upcoming class?

Come and play...find out what else is possible.



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