Name: Tamara Gonsor
Phone: 602-790-7030
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Hi, I am Tamara and the incredible being standing beside me…that is Malik! Here are a few things that might help you get to know me a bit better.

1. The believe in magic, fairies and unicorns and that "anything is possible...I really mean ANYTHING!” More today than ever before (because of Access Consciousness). We are magic and create it everyday!
2. The outdoors with my horse and dog is my MOST favorite place to be. Animals make my heart sing!
3. If you can't tell, I'm horse crazy!
4. I thoroughly enjoy fresh flowers. I think every room should be decorated with them!
5. I love the sound of running water, it creates such a calm in my world.
6. My most favorite smell is pine trees and it makes me want to hug one. An energy you must experience to appreciate!
7. Music! Music is a “breath of fresh air” to it!
8. I most definitely enjoy BEing different!
9. My most favorite side dish is "ranch" and yes, I called "ranch" a side dish - chuckle 
10. I have such gratitude for my husband who is my co-creator in our amazing space we call home. There is no “one word” to describe the amazing BEing he is!

I am completely smitten with the information and tools Access Consciousness has to offer. I have a fierce desire to grow the muscle of communicating with bodies, to keep experiencing beyond anything imagined possible. It feels like a string attached to my heart and a tugging to share the love and gratitude I have for animals and their people. Being drawn to their honest and raw expression, all the while not afraid to be present and having no judgment…purely existing “in the now”. They teach us so much! My heart is in connecting with them while acknowledging the dynamic gifts they have to offer the people they own. What if, all it takes is the willingness to see, experience and receive it?

Connections like these happen as if by magic, it isn’t a derivative of a single moment, but rather a series of moments in that space of no judgment strung together like salt water pearls.

I have something unique to offer and would like to contribute to and receive from raising the vibration of all who inhabit this planet, that means YOU. I have the willingness to share what has been shared with me by so many others. One of the greatest gifts and awareness’s was finding out about “The Bars”. It has opened many more doors and possibilities for me.

Here is a fun video about the Access BARS...a simple Body Process that is changing the world!

Are you Willing to ask, if I invest in this class, program, person will it expand my life?
What can we create and generate while letting go of all expectations?
What if, this is the change you have been looking for?
I invite you to morph into something different with total ease! It is more than possible! 

In this world of technology, Facebook, Twitter, text and email, people are often afraid to call and ask a question. Please accept this invitation to connect with me, I would be so delighted to hear from you!


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