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Being a retired football player, I am constantly asked by people, "what are you doing now?" My response varies dependent on who asks, what kind of mood I'm in, and/or how many drinks I've had. Usually I answer something like, "What ever I want" with a smile or I say something about doing a little tv and some motivational or inspirational speaking. Of course these answer suffice… and more importantly they have inspired me to really try and figure out what it is that I am doing now. What I enjoy doing most is facilitating people in choosing more for their lives. I look at my life and am amazed at how wonderful a job I've done creating a life that has enough money, time and freedom to allow me to do or have anything I desire. It hasn't always been pretty (to people on the outside looking in) but it has always been fun for me. When I was younger I always would look at all the good fortune in my life and ask, "Why me? Now I look at my life and wonder "why aren't other people choosing this too?" When I say choosing 'this' I am not referring to my exact life, what I'm referring to is the quality of life I have. It's not really about the money (although money does help) its about the amount of space I have created in my life. I have some of the same constructs in my life that most people do like marriage and kids and bills etc…, but I have created my life in such a way that they are all working for me and not against me. It wasn't until much later in my life that I started to appreciate the gifts, talents and abilities I had for creating what would work for me. When I finally did start to acknowledge those gifts, I immediately had the desire to find a way to show others how to access and more importantly use their gifts to enhance their own lives. The only problem was I didn't know where to start or possess the language to accomplish this. Like I had done many times before in my life, I started to ask questions. One of the questions I asked was, how do I convey what I am aware of to others in a way that they can receive it. Soon after asking this question, I received an email from a good friend of mine telling me about this stuff she was doing called “Access Consciousness™”. She told me that this 'stuff' she was doing was interesting and right up my alley. At the time, I wasn't yet aware that this 'stuff' she was showing me would be exactly what I was asking for. It took me awhile before I followed up on her offer, it took about a year. I kept noticing that when I was having a rough day or I was stuck somewhere, that this friend of mine was who I'd call and she'd ask me some questions and the next thing I knew, I was me again. After about three of these conversations I asked her to resend me the info on that 'stuff' she was doing. She did and one of the emails was two guys talking about one of the tools they use in “Access Consciousness™” called "Interesting point of view". When listening to the call, I noticed that what they were talking about was something that I had been and done my whole life. I was like, "wow, thats what I do." It was really cool to see that other people were doing what I do and had apparently created a larger set of tools to go with it. I was invited by them to use the tool even more that I had been before I knew it was a "tool". So I spent the whole next day using "Interesting point of view" for the entire day. It was such an expansive, easy and amazing day that by the days end I had purchased a video stream of the guy on the recording teaching the “Access Consciousness™” core classes and I had also registered to take the class i person the following week. After taking the class online and in person, the world opened up for me in ways I had only imagined possible. For the first time in my life I had been given the permission to be me. The information and expansion gained from that experience has inspired me to be that same invitation and gift to anyone looking for more… more of them.

I was so amazed with “Access Consciousness™” and knew that it was exactly what I'd been asking for my whole life that I started taking every class I could. For at least the next 3 months I was somewhere on the globe taking one of these classes. I tend to be quite intense when I find what I've been looking for. I wanted to learn as much about this stuff as I could. I became a certified facilitator of “Access Consciousness™” classes. I facilitate the core classes as well as other specialty classes about everything from money to sex and relationships, parenting and just about any other thing that tends to stick people or slow them down in their lives. The core classes are Bars, Foundation and Level 1. The Bars are a body process that starts to open us up to receiving. True receiving is somewhat isn't really done on this planet. To receive here, we have to do a whole bunch of discernment and discrimination about what, when, from who and how we can or will receive. Which is not receiving at all. Every molecule on the earth desires to gift us something, when we lower our barriers and really begin to receive, the amount of ease we can have in our lives in phenomenal. Foundation is about tearing up the foundation on which we have built our lives on. Its been primarily the foundation of always trying to find the right answer so we know how to fit, benefit, win and avoid losing. How much fun has that been. for most people its been the only choice they've known was possible. In foundation we use a lot of verbal processing to unlock the programs we've been functioning from so that we can finally start to get an idea of what is actually ours and what have we bought from our parents, and society that actually doesn't work for us. Level 1 is about starting to step into the awareness of what we'd really like to have as our lives. how many times have you been asked what you really would like to be doing with your life and went totally blank? or even worse what came out of your mouth was some rote line from a parent, mentor or self help book? That's because we've been so bust trying to please others and fit in that most of us have no idea who we really are or what we'd really like to have as our reality. If this at all sound familiar to you, Access Consciousness may be exactly what you are looking for.

To me, “Access Consciousness™” is this weird, wacky stuff founded by an even weirder and wackier guy named Gary Douglas. Consciousness has always been around; Gary has found an amazing way to access more of it. If you ever get a chance to hear him or his business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, speak - don't miss it. It will change your life. It has been a rare occasion for me (a famous star athlete) to meet another guy who is willing to contribute to me in such a dynamic way. How did I get so lucky to meet the two of them?

Gary has found an amazing way to access more of it. I met Gary and Dain earlier this year and my life hasn't been the same since.

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