Name: Sudha Murari
Phone: +919962631387
Address: 31, Masilamani Road, Balaji Nagar, Royapettah,
Tamil Nadu
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Thanks for visiting my webpage. I am an Access Certified Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator from Chennai , South India.

Are you living a phenomenal life? Or are you just "getting by"? Would you like to release the thoughts, feelings and emotions that were never yours in the first place? Do you want to live more consciously? Are you willing to receive and Be the Magic that you are ?

‘Magic exists and You are it! What if you being the magic you be is exactly the contribution that the World requires? ‘Dr Dain Heer's magical phrases created a resonance within me and I knew deep within my soul that I would be stepping into all the potency I have ever considered possible and probably beyond it.

My spiritual quest started years ago when I was unhappy with my world. Terribly stressed out, overburdened with worries, I felt all alone, trying to cope with the vagaries of life. As a seeker of the Self, I immersed myself in reading up tomes written by spiritual gurus, the Upanishads and other self improvement best sellers. Mind –body healing techniques like Reiki, Kriya Yoga, Bach Flower Remedies, Mantra Chanting gave me peace of mind to a certain extent.

Yet, a perfect relationship was beyond me. I was still holding on to the baggage of the past. In spite of my spiritual studies, I found myself judging everyone around me, setting up boundaries and feeling not quite connected with others .

But Access changed all that. The clearing statements and having my Bars run opened up a whole realm of possibilities for me.

The set of tools Access Consciousness offers help us navigate or rather go with the flow of life. Chanting "All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory’, the mantra of Access takes you to a space beyond this reality, where you are not the effect of it.

The verbal clearing statement, a special magical wand of Access , sounds like a nonsensical verse of Edward Lear. There’s such a lightness of being when I repeat the statements. Whoosh! It just seems to vacuum out the tough strands of judgment and restrictions and limitations we have implanted in ourselves. Your point of view creates your reality—How true is that!

A question empowers and an answer disempowers! By asking questions, one gets to Be conscious, Be aware, receive everything in totality, have more energy at all times with total ease, discover the magical power within ourselves , revel in the Infinite Being that we are, just BE-that’s what Access Consciousness aims for . Life was trying to unseat me, but now, I am having great fun living and being the tools!

Thank you Gary for this wonderful gift!

Would you like more ease with your body? nurture it?be in communion with it ?

What Contribution can I be to you today?

Call or mail me to begin your magical journey to consciousness.

I conduct Bars, Foundation , Level 1 and body process , energetic facelift classes, Right Voice for You Taster.I also offer private sessions of the bars, body processes,symphony of possibilities and verbal clearings. If you don't see classes scheduled and you would like a class, please contact me.

Ph: +919962631387

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