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Name: Sharla Orton
Phone: 801-528-3212
North Ogden
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I am an RN and LMT who discovered Access last year shortly before my mother died. I had just taken my first bars class and had arranged to trade bars practice sessions just to become proficient. What I discovered was that, as I dealt with grieving and dealing with family and trustee issues, each time the pressure was close to becoming overwhelming, I would trade a bars session and the pressure was defused. I was again able to deal with all the issues involved with that particular part of growing up without feeling like I was going to explode or totally meltdown. I also had the opportunity to listened to Dain and Gary's clearing statements as I spent hours going through paper work and frequently experienced energy shifts and "ah ha" moments that helped me stay balanced and centered. Because of the impact that Access Bar's has had on my life even (or especially) during a difficult time like that, I have since been doing bar's sessions on family and clients and have also become a facilitor to help to share these awesome tools. Anything that is powerful enough to lighten the load at a time like that needs to be shared with the world.

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