Name: Juna Guetter
Phone: 519.690.1479
Address: 62 Askin St
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Juna Guetter, Access Consciousness® Facilitator, Body Class Facilitator, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Juna’s Short Bio

Juna has been living on this planet for over 50 years and has explored taking her body to the outer reaches of pain and pleasure, the extremes of over-eating/drinking and fasting, the discipline of learning martial arts , the savouring of the utter stillness between the movements of a dance or the shaking of a bicep that has one more rep to go. After years of chasing extremes, using her body as a laboratory to try to figure out what’s wrong with her and what’s right about everybody else, trying to fit this world’s picture and program of having a “great body,” she’s discovering how to listen to her body, to ask her body questions and to allow her body to simply “be” without impelling it with force and judgments. Since 2009, Juna has been working internationally as an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and since 2013 as a 3 Day Body Class Facilitator.

Juna utilizes the tools from Access Consciousness because they work! She loves seeing how quickly people can get out of their misery and suffering when they are willing to let go, to ask questions and to start trusting themselves. Juna is happy to answer any questions you might have about her approach, and is available to facilitate private sessions, Bars, Foundation & Level One Classes, the 3 Day Body Class, and is willing to travel anywhere for groups.


THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and soul, for "getting me", for "staying" with me, for "questioning" me and for taking my hand and move forward with me. It was a "big one" for me as you may have noticed and I am very thankfull. I can truly tell you that the amount of laughter that I have had last weekend was unprecedented for me (and yet again, I have found out now that there are more then 2 ways to look at the word "fun" which I have never actually have had in my whole life (or that I can remember) up until again 3 weeks ago when my whole universe shifted and nothing seems to be same anymore). With love, gratitude and excitement, S.H. The Netherlands

Gratitude for you and your amazing class x infinite!!!!!! Yes ,when i came back ,my body perceived and ask for more about you and your energy. Weip?????? I will call you and ask you and
What espace,energy and consciousness can my body and me BE to create everyday the yummi and generative space of Juna's class? Poc and pod todo lo q no lo permita!!! - I. M. Madrid, Spain

Juna, Thank you for the brilliant, sensitive, potent way you facilitated us all into so much moreness this past weekend. I particularly am grateful for the way you facilitated me through my hissy fit, the intensity of which still astonishes me. You were aware, coached/facilitated me through blind rage to a space of ease in very short order. – M.H. Ontario

Thank you so much for everything you have been to me and my body. I am in ease with my body more and more. I am in less judgement of it. Yesterday I noticed something great. My body wanted some chocolate, I took some and before this class I wouldn't stop eating. Now I took a bit, I noticed that I wanted to eat more although my body didn't want it, and I said to myself 'no, I am not going that way'; thank you body' and I stopped. How does it get any better than that? - E.G. The Netherlands

Where before I always still believed someone else knows more about me (and everything else), I can see I’m actually the only one who knows anything about me and what’s ‘right’ and light for me. I wasn’t even aware of me doing that, this awareness came when I was on my way home from the class, I was so so SO grateful for this awareness I had to cry. The body class sure doesn’t only effect your body, it actually effects your entire reality. Especially when you take it with Juna. She is so sparkling, kind and caring, calm and comforting. I’ve never experienced such an ease and calmness like Juna’s before, for me that was very soothing and she made me feel very comfortable. Juna also explained things I already knew, in such a way I could understand it better, deeper and made it possible for me to put words on it. What a contribution! Whatever comes up in class, Juna is willing to ask questions about it, change it, shift it, play with it and she doesn’t ignore or reject anything. - P.S. The Netherlands

I just went to Juna Guetter’s 3 Day Body Class – wow!!! I have attended this class many times over the years, however it had been awhile since my last one. Immediately I noticed how present Juna was with everyone, and her ease of being. It was like a warm embrace from the first minute walking in the door. Over the course of the three days I was so impressed with her facilitation. There was nothing off limits and nothing was a judgable offense, not matter how ugly or difficult to look at. Her intensity of presence coupled with caring, kindness, a sense of humor and allowance invited everyone to be vulnerable in a profound way. I found her facilitation to be as healing for me as a being, as it was for my body. What a gift! If you have been looking for a gentle embrace of being that invites you to be you and allows for all of you and your body – I would highly recommend the 3 Day Body class with Juna!
Profoundly grateful,
Heather Smith, CFMW. California, USA.
May 2014

It's been 3 weeks since doing Juna's body class and I feel fantastic! I had back pain for about 15 years and it's completely cleared up . . . I've gone to chiropractors, massage therapists, energy workers for years and years and years and this is the best I've felt, so thank you, very much Juna!
S.O., CFMW, California, USA

Juna is wonderful! She reminded me, since I am a psychic and an empath how to do away with and bless what I pick up from others — anywhere! Her tecnhique and energy is amazing. Bring her back often as her knowledge is great!
Jean Gerson-Greer

I'm like a kid in a candy store. Funny memory... as a child I would walk up to the corner country store by our cottage in Canada with all my siblings and cousins. I remember always getting the "surprise bag" while the other kid's picked what they wanted. I wanted a little adventure. It's great to get back to being me again. Still so much gratitude for you and your gifts to me and our class!
- D.C. Michigan, USA

Tonight I have the "usual" total peace and calm and fluidity of body that I have after after session with you....very nice... – K.M. Ontario

Since the 3 Day Body Class with you, I'm more in sync with my body, I'm listening to my body, asking her questions. I've dropped 4 dress sizes (3 months) and have lost 15 pounds. I've taken my power back, cut ties with my boyfriend and now I'm engaged to my body. Thank you for providing such a space and energy during the class. It's because of your being space and the energy you are, that I could let go and find me again. – V.D.R. California

Juna is an extraordinary woman and gifted healer. She is kind, compassionate and highly intuitive to the needs of others. – K.W. Ontario

“Juna is also someone I’ve been personally working with and was so impressed with and have seen such beautiful results from that I thought I have to introduce her to my membership. I found someone. I found her, I found her! I found someone who is not only of like consciousness, but is aspiring with the same mission to really change this beautiful planet one heart at a time. Juna not only has Access Consciousness® but has her own secret sauce that she brings to Access that makes it that much more powerful. So what you’re going to experience with Juna is someone who is going to call out the areas of where you might be not in tune and she’s going to help you to break down those barriers and move into a new level of being, of consciousness and vibrate even higher. So put your seatbelts on folks and get ready for a beautiful series of shows now that Juna has joined us (as a regular contributor).”
- Jennifer McLean of Masterworks Healing Membership and Healing with the Masters, endorses Juna Guetter
April 29, 2012

Just now listening to your last call on masterworks healing, and it is clear that i will have to download it ;) i love all the clearings! so very grateful that you and Jennifer found each other and choose to share with all of us ♥ this gentle call feels like a perfect one for sharing with my loves that have no experience with access but are curious and open due to seeing my life and being change. thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

J.L. June 29, 2012

I’m so excited about my new vision (at this time – Week 8) I can see far better without glasses than I can with my glasses and my near vision is improving each week. AND I’d like to add “YAHOOOOOOO!!!! How does it get any better than that!” Thank you!!!!!!! – M.T. Ontario

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