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Name: Shelia Farmer
Phone: 480-595-8887
Address: 6013 East Smokehouse Trail
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Greetings to all you gorgeous infinite Beings!

Where to begin? Like you; I am a searcher. I have had wonderful teachers who have given me tools along the way. A few of these teachers are:

Joanne, who taught me how to work with energy and introduced me to the Sylva Mind Institute. It was here that I started using my psychic abilities and to actualize. One day Joanne had asked me “What would make my heart sing?” My answer was acting. I then decided to audition. My very first audition was the character of Nancy, Woody Allen’s ex-wife in Play It Again, Sam. That was just the beginning as there were many plays after that I auditioned for and got the lead roles.

My next adventure was a move from Arizona to California. It was after this move, that I discovered a new acting teacher, Mr. Darryl Hickman. Mr. Hickman was beyond amazing and wonderful! Mr. Hickman’s acting classes taught several exercises to help actors work “in the moment.” One of those exercises was the triangle exercise in which 3 people stand in the 3 points of a triangle with their eyes closed, no shoes on. They then follow the energy to see where and when to move. If this is done correctly a triangle is continually formed. I must admit, the first time I did this exercise; I was not able to do it. A couple of years later, I was asked to do it again and BINGO! I did it. After the exercise was over, Mr. Hickman asked me what I felt and I told him that it was amazing! The energy that I felt was very strong; like a huge magnet pulling me in a direction and then it would stop. Mr. Hickman looked at me and said “Wouldn’t you like to live your life like that? The energy is there you know”. I did not understand how but I knew I wanted to live like that.

A move back to Arizona and I found Access Consciousness. What a joy! I am able to live life following energy! The tools and classes of Access are all catapulting me into new realms of awareness and expansion! What a grand and glorious adventure life is now!

How can I facilitate you? What gifts do I have that can help to expand your awareness?
What heights and exploits are waiting just for the asking? Be the question!

I look forward to meeting you!

With Infinite Joy and Gratitude for the Gift YOU BE!

Shelia Farmer
Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift Facilitator
Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator

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