Name: Jayne Micallef
Phone: +44 07958 296 647
Address: Classes & Sessions
London & Surrey
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Bars, Facelift, Body Processes...anything goes!! I'm based in East Croydon - will travel :)

Did you know that East Croydon is just 12 minutes by train from London Bridge, Victoria, Clapham Junction and Gatwick?

How does it get any better than that? What else is possible?


Hello, I'm Jayne..I’ve had the pleasure of using the magical tools of Access in creating my life and growing my business for more than 4 years now.

These tools are so versatile I use them when playing with bodies in yoga classes, being the space of a different possibility for gifted children, facilitating death and bereavement, empowering pregnant women for a calm-birth, creating everything clients desire in a different and easier way, marketing my business, generative group talks, and creating fun and expansive relationships – the list goes on…

I’ve attended numerous classes and telecalls from foundation to choice of possibilities, the symphony of possibilities (SOP), 9 trannies, advanced money workbook, 3 day body process classes, and 3 advanced body classes with Gary Douglas - heading for my 4th in the New Year. What else is possible?

When I first discovered these incredible tools I never realised I had the capacity to create so much change with ease. I hadn’t acknowledged my own unique gifts talents and abilities. Have you discovered and acknowledged yours yet?

For me one of the greatest things about Access is how it keeps shifting and changing as each person’s willingness to use the tools, step-up and choose more consciousness contributes to how it evolves. How does it get any better than that? Are you willing to be the gift of change? Is now the time?

If you’ve been looking to change things in your life and nothing else has worked, what if consciousness is the missing element?

Would you like to learn how to create lasting change using the tools of Access?

I facilitate Access classes in East Croydon where I live, or happy to travel to you. If you would like to have fun hosting a Bars Class or Body Process Class with friends get in touch! All that's required is at least 4 people (including you) and you get the class for half price...How does it get any better than that?

And if you're looking for a private session – where we get to play with bars, bodywork, SOP, clearings - anything goes! Do get in touch.

Are you up-for more more ease, joy and glory?

I would love to hear from you.

Yours in gratitude,


Happy Clients say;

"Jayne, I am so grateful I found you and was able to get to your Access Bars class. My creativity is through the ROOF today. Amazing things are just coming to me. I feel awesome. You taught me so much…"

"Jayne makes using the tools of Access so easy! I’m on the road to creating more ease and fun in my business.Thank you Jayne, what a fantastic class!”

"Thank you, thank you for a wonderful day yesterday! Really looking forward to running the bars on some people and getting into the flow. I really appreciate your skilled training yesterday - thank you once again. How does it get any better than this?"

“What a brilliant session I feel so much calmer the problems I had with my skin have gone down by at least 75%. My attitude has changed and my stress levels have dropped considerably. My wife and work colleagues have all commented on the change in my attitude.”

"Since having my bars run I feel so well, it’s as if I had a cloud on the top of my head before, you blew it away and the sunshine is back. I am more conscious about the things around me, as well as more confident and enthusiastic.”

“After my session I was so relaxed, things were much clearer and felt totally energised. I went to work the next day and everyone noticed a ‘new me’. The experience left me with such a positive note that I feel anyone who is looking for more relaxation and greater clarity in their life would definitely benefit from a session with Jayne.”

“Weekly sessions have completely turned my life around and how I deal with things on a day-to-day basis, particularly relating to family issues and relationships. My sessions involved coaching and bodywork, which have allowed me to experience more ease and a sense of calm. They have helped me immensely in quietening mind chatter and also alleviated physical pain and discomfort. Sessions have been a particular contribution to me when I experienced a close family member’s bereavement. I could not recommend Jayne’s sessions more.”

All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory!

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 31/Mar/2017 East Croydon, SE London/Surrey Jayne Micallef