Name: Alex Corio
Phone: 720.231.6209
Available in Colorado &
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Life has always been a constant flow of change for me. I've come to realize that conscious change works much better than haphazard-coming-out-of-left-field change. What occurs when I choose from awareness? What can I choose next that will bring more of a phenomenal life?

Being the maestro of my world is a true adventure filling me with gratitude and bewilderment at how easy it really can be. When I cross paths with another person demanding more out of life and demanding something different, I'm giddy. Facilitating others into more possibility is as delicious to me as chocolate. Chocolate and possibility. How does it get better than that?

I've taken the Access Tools and applied them to a business called Sexualness Institute. Feel free to visit me there as well,

Additionally, I've teamed up with Colorado Mountain College and am offering continuing education classes at a few of their campuses.

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