Name: Mark Gillmore, SF Bay Area,
Phone: 408-910-6171
San Francisco
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Wow! Access Bars is extraordinary.
I say that, because this is not my first time around the block.

I started learning about Human Potential 38 years ago by taking a course
called Mind Dynamics. I was the youngest person in the room.

I was encouraged by my amazing relatives. who were either psychic or interested in self-awareness.My exploration has included meditation, metaphysics, and madhyamaka philosophy.Beyond that I've participated in Landmark Education, I am a Rebirther, Reiki Master,and Massage Therapist for 20 years. For the last 11 years I've been a Buddhist Priest.

I bring all that insight, energy, space and experience to you when you when you
invite me to consult with you, do an individual session, or teach a bars class.

I promise you whatever your situation:
more awareness, wisdom, love, space, consciousness, and possibility.
In short, you get to be you and have a bigger life.

How does it get any better than that? Pretty cool, huh?

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