Name: Safaya Alexandra Salter
Phone: + 44 (0) 1453 860706
Tetbury, Gloucestershire
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Hello and thank you for visiting my page on this site!

If you're wondering whether to come to my class then here's a little information to help you decide if I'm right for you!

My background is in art, horsemanship, and adventures in energy. Initially I started my healing journey with animals, training in and using a variety of vibrational energy modalities to augment my inherent intuition, empathy and ability. Then one day the animals started bringing their people. I wasnít sure I was ready for this but took the step nevertheless. Iím so glad I did!

Life was becoming very interesting and I loved my work but I still found it hard to shake off the persistent judgments, generally against myself, and a sense that I was defined by my success with clients, and that if things didnít go to plan or that miracles werenít performed daily - then I wasnít worth much. If youíve come here as a therapist then you may know just how that feels. You will also know that itís the best way to kill your inspiration and joy.

My advanced training in EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Meta-Medicine and PSYCH-K were the backbone of my work with human clients and enabling them to shed years of emotional burden, trauma, abuse and powerlessness was, and is still, a total joy to me.

However there was something I just couldnít get about myself. I was the one who wasnít moving on as fast as they were! It was a strange situation but one that I really wanted to change. There had to be an easier way to live with more happiness and joy along the way for me, regardless of the success I was facilitating. I was sick of the unworthiness I felt about receiving, almost anything, on a regular basis, but so ready to move on if only I knew how.

Then along came Access and things really started to shift for me! Itís not about getting to the top of Ďsortedí mountain for any of us but if weíre prepared to acknowledge weíre an on-going process itís a wonderful way to maintain and manage, clear and receive during the wild and unexpected adventures of life.

The undeniable refreshment and regeneration of Bars alone is a real gift and I now use Access with all my clients, human and animal, whether integrated into their Matrix sessions or on its own.

Throughout my journey I continue to expand and update my knowledge to help us heal, understand and enjoy the wonderful infinite beings we all are. Access continues to provide me with so much and I love the fact that it grows and adjusts as we, as a collection of souls, move forward on our journey with increased ease, joy and glory.

I have yet to find a more effective way to empower people with the endless, but often elusive, potential with which we are all endowed and itís a profound pleasure to introduce others to this way of being.

Look out for my Bars classes on this site and get in touch if youíd like to work one to one on any area of your life. I can work in person, at distance, by phone or Skype so why wait.

I also work with you and your animals in the same way.You may be suprised at how much they know about you and how they can help!

I look forward to meeting you along your journey and facilitating more joy in your life.


"Thank you so much for all your support and inspiration Safaya
This stuff works!!! Big improvement in my relationship with both my sons, I feel more alive, lots of opportunities and ideas around now. It's as if I'm becoming unstuck.......even had an estate agent here to value the house.
So watch this space.. what else is possible?"
M.A. Coventry

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Tel: +44 (0) 1453 860706

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