Name: Mahara Renay
Phone: 530-588-3174
Address: 1692 Mangrove Ave #107
Northern California
USA and Beyond!
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Thank you for visiting my page!

I wonder what contribution we can be to each other?

Access Consciousness is proving to be a very fun playground to play in! I am witnessing magic in my life and in the lives of loved ones... with ease and joy!

How does it get EVEN better than that, and what would it take to experience some magic in your life?

I am a Certified Bars Facilitator offering Bars classes and Bars sessions. I also give the Access Energetic Facelift ~ Ooohh La Laaaa! Meeow! ...and other special Access Body Processes.

I am a Oneness Blessing Giver / Trainer, a Jin Shin Jyutusu Practitioner and JSJ Self-Help Instructor, and a Raw Living Food Chef. I am well traveled and would love to come and play in your garden too! Imagine the possibilities we could co-create together!

You ask, "What else is possible?"

We say, "All of Life comes to US with Ease, Joy, & Glory!"

Is now the time? What will you choose?

This is an invitation to experiencing more of you. I look forward to playing with you!

ALL Blessings and Gratitude of GRACE!


MahahahaRa Renay

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