Name: Mary Guariglia
Phone: 516-536-0750
Address: 2638 Woods Ave
New York
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My name is Mary, and I am so in-joy to be an Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator and Certified Bars Facilitator!

Access Consciousness™ is an ever-expanding set of tools and techniques that enable you to unlock, unstick, and change any and every part of your life that isn't working for YOU. What if you could start creating your life how you would truly like it to be? What if it was all as easy as simply asking a question?

I got attracted to Access Consciousness™ due to a life long search for a way to not only fit in, live in and expand, but to know who I truly was. I meditated for over 28 years and traveled the world to find the answers. I did not know at the time that this technique was around until I too, got internet savvy and all things started to come to me. While I was working on line and asking questions like, there has to be more than meets the eye in this Law of Attraction and Think and Grow Rich stuff that I had been following with some success, but never lasted. Some contentment, but did not last, some joy, but not lasting joy.

I did find this to suit me, resonate with me and I soon found that lasting joy knowing and confirming that I Be the Being I was seeking! I did think it was more outside myself than inside of me and NOW I have choices, not just fate to "whatever". What a giant relief! Now I feel JOY from am to pm and have the freedom to chose anything I chose to be at anytime.

What can I do and be to facilitate YOU in being the beautifully magnificent YOU you truly BE?

I am available for private Bars sessions, and to facilitate wonderfully potent Bars classes,
as well as "Access" Intro classes where we introduce what this amazing ultimate tool to unlock the energies of anything that is blocking you from having your phenomenal life! I am also available for private and telephone sessions, workshops, speaking at your next event or function. Just email or call me.

How does it get any better than that?

Check out the "Upcoming Classes" tab to see where I'm gonna be next, and if that is nowhere listed yet, or not near you, lets set something up!

 What would it take for me to facilitate a class in your town?

What else is possible?

Please use the "Contact" Tab and click on the link to e-mail me.

 For those of you who have never been exposed to Access before, please email me or call me. I set up classes all over the South Shore of LI to the North Shore and pop up with classes as I am called to do so! This week I am in Centerport, LI, Freeport or Brooklyn, NY. 
So do not hesitate to ask me when my next class will be for sometimes they are literally "created" out of thin air by YOU! How amazing is that one? How amazing are YOU?

Also I am an Approved Provider for 8 CEU Credits for The Bars® Class with the NCBTMB of Therapeutic Massage and Body Work.

In-JOY! (Always!)


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