Name: Rattan Deep Singh
Phone: +919988005589
India, Asia, Middle East, Africa,
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Having had a very successful career spanning over 39 years in the Indian Army and happily married, I always felt that there was something missing in life, even though I was successful, I was not living a really joyous and fun filled life, doing what gave me joy and satisfaction.

There was always this relentless search to find greater meaning to life; I read a lot and did a lot that I thought would give me answers. Having become a Reiki Master, practiced Pranic Healing, EFT, PhsyK, Emotion Code, Rebirthing Breath Work and Meditation over a period of 40 years, I found some answers and awareness.

The search still carried on, and I still felt something lacking in my life. It was in 2011 while in Australia that I was introduced to the wonderful world of Access Consciousness.

What attracted me most to Access Consciousness was the very simple and practical approach towards empowering people to realize their infinite nature and potential. Offering very simple tools that help us transform our lives. With a very genuine respect for every individualís personal choice, their emphasis on being non judgmental and not excluding anything from ones life really resonated with me.

In very quick time, I completed all the prerequisites to become a Bars Facilitator. I am now a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, a 3 Day Body Class Facilitator and a Marriage From Chaos and Choice Facilitator.

If you are living a life that seems happy yet you have a nagging sense that there should be more to life, or if you are unhappy with how your life is in any facet like work, relationships, health, abundance or if you are stressed out for any reason, Access Consciousness can help you.

The first step would be to have your Bars Run and attend a Bars Class and then graduate towards doing the other classes that can really help you transform your life.

I conduct regular Bars, Foundation, 3 Day Body Classes, Energetic face Lift Classes and Body Process Process classes in India, neighboring countries and any where in the world that I am invited to.

I also co-facilitate with my wife Kiran Singh a new Access Consciousness Specialty Class "Marriage From Chaos and Choice."

Looking forward to meeting you soon and playing with you.

What else is possible?

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