Name: Arjen Faanhof
Phone: +27 83 285 8033
Address: 20, Magalies Street Mnandi 0157 Wierda Park
South Africa
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In September 2011 I heard about BARS, Access Consciousness and attended a BARS course. Although I didn’t notice life changing experiences, looking back now I can see that Access Consciousness has given me the tools to release many old psychological patterns that didn’t serve me any longer, and lots of small changes have occured.

I love gifting BARS sessions to clients, and receiving them, as these sessions help to discard old beliefs, old points of view and thought patterns that create a rigid outlook on life and keep us imprisoned in a life of judgment of others and ourselves.

Receiving BARS sessions contributes to your life and helps you to become aware of the infinite possibilities you have to live a much easier and joyful life.

Since I started with the BARS, I have done the Foundation and Level 1, 2, and 3 courses.
In the meantime I qualified to facilitate BARS courses, which I present on a regular base.
To further my awareness and abilities I completed the Body Classes in June 2013.

Other modalities I practice are:
BodyTalk – BodyTalk for Animals – Linking Awareness, Intercellular Communication (for communication with non-verbal sentient beings).

Please contact me for a session to experience that:

“All of life comes to you with ease, joy and glory”

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