Name: Julie Brockman
Phone: 503-201-1910
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Hello Beautiful Being!

What if now was the time to change the story of your life and create a life that works for you?!

What if you are more brilliant and amazing then you have ever allowed yourself to recognize?

Welcome to Access where you can create a life of ease and joy and much MORE!

If you would like to learn Access Bars™ I would love to share with you this easy process that facilitates amazing change.

As a trained clairvoyant, and licensed clinical social worker, I bring the unconscious to the conscious so that you can have true freedom of choice. Like so many of you that are drawn to Access, I have extensively played in the world of alternative healing with modalities such as Medical Qigong (Instructor), Matrix Energetics; DEH™; Energy Psychology, PYSY-K; and trained with a Cherokee Elder, and so on. These are all tools and modalities that I appreciate and have contributed greatly to my life. Then entered Access Consciousness to my life and it has brought so much more ease to all these modalities, to my life and to my work.

The tools of Access have changed my life. Have you been looking for the next “modality” only to find that your list of books, training certificates, etc., are growing longer, but the list of “problems” you hoped to shift haven’t changed much?

What if Access Bars™, and the other tools and classes of Access Consciousness, could actually facilitate the change you knew possible, but haven’t yet received? What if the Access tools could actually enhance the tools you already have and practice?

One of my great joys it talking to bodies and there is so much that our sweet bodies would like us to hear and understand. Access Bars™ is a great way to clear where we have locked and blocked the communication between ourselves and our bodies so we can have communion and joy with our bodies.

If it’s light for you consider signing up for a Bars Class:

Access Bars™: First time $200. $100 for additional classes with any facilitator

Other Ways we can Play:

Access Energetic Facelift
Access Consciousness Body Processes
Access Verbal Processes and Psychic reading

Some of my specialties are: talking to bodies, talking to entities; health struggles; relationship; communication with animals

Julie Brockman
Bars Facilitator and Playful Spirit

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