Name: Sharon Lewis, PCC, CPCC, CFMW, BA
Phone: w: 519 780 0468 m: 519 820 6822
Address: 295 Water Street Unit 147
(Guelph) Canada & Worldwide
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If you don't see classes scheduled and you would like a class, please contact me. I will happily travel to wherever you are or you can visit me in the riverside community of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I offer private sessions in person or via telephone, as well as group classes. The Events page on my website has the MOST up to date information on currently scheduled classes
The following courses are available on an ongoing basis:
• Access Bars - 1 Day Class

• Access Foundation - 2 Day Class

• Access Level One - 2 Day Class

• 5 Days To Change Your Life Bars, Foundation & Level One all together!
MOBILE TELEPHONE: (519) 820-6822
SKYPE: sharon.lewis.questiam

An Invitation for you...

Are you seeking freedom? Are you looking to finally release your unique brand of brilliance into the world? Have you been seeking your purpose, thinking maybe, if you finally knew what you were “supposed to be doing” here on the planet, it might be the key to unleashing the potential you knew was sleeping within you? Have you been driving yourself? Trying to right what’s wrong so you can get down to business? What if there was nothing else to ‘get’? What if you already had it all? What if the keys, rules, values and wisdom that you thought would free you were the very limitations that were locking you up? What if true freedom was just a choice away and your brilliance is gloriously undefined and infinite? What if it was waiting, patiently for you to access it? What might be possible then? Are you ready to find out what you really are? I dare you!

Maybe all those things about you that you thought were wrong, because you were told they were wrong, were really gifts the world has been waiting for. If you've always known you have potential far beyond what you've expressed. If you knew you had more in you even though people are telling you you’re amazing, If you've always been vaguely dis-satisfied with what everyone says you should be ecstatic about you've landed at the right place. Would you like to find out what is really possible? Far beyond anything your mind has ever conceived, defined or imagined?

Maybe also you are not too sure about ‘this access stuff’. Maybe you’re a rationalist, you pride yourself on your practicality and you’re nobody’s fool. Let me just say I hear you friend. Having grown up with a Judge as father and a Teacher as mother making ‘sense’ was pretty highly prized in my house. Let me also tell you that Access will make sense to you on a level far beyond mind. Don’t get me wrong. I love my mind. It served me well in the construction industry where I spent 10 years. And it served me even better in technology where I spent the next decade. And I've held onto the mind for the last ten years as I grew my Leadership Development practice with a focus on emerging neuroscience. Minds are fantastic for getting us from known point A to known point B. They fail us utterly when we want to go beyond what we have seen before. When we know the rules of this reality are failing us hopelessly we can’t rely on mind to conceive of a new direction. That’s when you need to Access Consciousness, to Access you’re deepest knowing; when you need to Access You.

I first heard about Access Consciousness in 2009, resisted it as just another one of ‘those info marketing scams’ until 2010 when I watched a friend transform herself in a way I longed for. I jumped in early in 2011 and started to see the effects in my own life. I've healed relationships that I thought were irreparably damaged. I've stepped into Leadership in a way that others finally responded to and I began trusting my own knowing actively. I found I had always done so but fought myself on it the whole way. Now… It’s Ease, Joy and Glory Baby!

People tell me I coach and facilitate in a way that leaves an extraordinary amount of room for you to be you. People also say I can cut to the chase in a millisecond and enunciate things clearly that you've been going round and round on for weeks, months or years. I know I'm committed to you finally, really, understanding that you're surrounded by a field of infinite possibilities, that there is no such thing as limitation, and your magic life is just a choice away.

Come and get it!

Professional Bio:

Sharon Lewis is President of Questiam Leadership Development an internationally recognized Leadership Development organization. She is a Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and Coach and is accredited through the International Coaches Federation, The Institute for Health and Human Potential, The Center for Right Relationship, Access Consciousness, Team Coaching International and The Leadership Circle. Sharon is also a valued leadership coach on the faculty of both the Institute for Health and Human Potential and Directed Potential. She served as a partner coach on the corporate coaching initiative that won the prestigious 2011 ICF International Prism award — a remarkable achievement in the world of leadership coaching. This award was created to honour, celebrate, and learn from organizations who have embraced coaching as an integral part of their leadership strategy.

Working with an international clientele of executives, managers and teams Sharon trains and coaches to develop the leadership skills of her clients and facilitate the creation of sustainable, high-performance teams world-wide. Sharon also uses the leadership and team development skills and techniques she has developed over the past ten years coaching executives and applies them in her work helping single parents step into leading their one parent families.
Sharon draws on a varied business career including Construction Management, Information Technology and Team and Leadership Development. She operates from the unshakable belief that sustainable high performance is grounded on three pillars; a compelling unifying vision, the quest to align what you do with who you are becoming and a caring, supportive, challenging environment in which to work.

Sharon provides unique perspectives and a powerful blend of hard and soft skills to her clients. She balances theory, introspection and real world practicality to help her clients create outstanding results. In her down time Sharon is an avid skier and very involved in her local Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build Projects.

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