Name: Falesha Stocker
Phone: (+64) 021 162 7821
New Zealand
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Falesha is a single parent living in New Zealand. She has a tremendous capacity with bodies.

ďI am so grateful for the Access tools and processes. I was washed out, and invisible, not only to others but to me too. Bringing up a daughter I knew that I wanted more for her. I had to change who I was being. The bars was the first body process I received and the sense of peace I received matched what I was looking for.

I have always had a great connection with nature and the planet and was brought up on a farm with my beautiful parents who indulged me in lots of physical activities from horse back riding to wrestling with sheep at sharing time.

I always felt like a black sheep (I often felt more at ease around animals than people) looking at things a bit weirdly. In my early 20ís I walked the length of the South Island of New Zealand and gained a degree in out door education, so I got paid for my love of the out doors.

My body has been phenomenal gift to me over the years. In my early 30ís I took up mountain bike riding, entered a competition, came first and all of a sudden I had a job in Kenya leading mountain bike tours. All with a cracked collar bone.

But still this was not enough. I met my Daughters father in Kenya and she was born about a year later. Things didnít quite work out the way I thought they would and I was still searching for something more!.

I tried many other modalities until Access showed up about 3 years ago. Since then I have not looked back. I have more fun with my daughter, I have more gratitude for my family and a greater love of bodies and the planet than every before.

What else is possible?

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