Name: Dr. Leanne Chin - Chiropractor
Phone: 0418406902
Address: Suite 4 Level 2 88 Pitt Street
Sydney 2000
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Looking to have your Bars run? a Body process or two?
What could this seemingly simple hands on processes do for me you ask?

My practice is aimed at listening to you and your body. Together we play with the possibilities towards greater awareness for change and healing.

What if helping you discover what you know about you, allows you to just love BEing you?
What have you already decided about how you and your body can and cannot heal? and the time it takes to do it?
What is your body capable of that you have already decided it can't do?
What would it be like, to have more choices than you ever thought possible in order to have a life without pain and struggle?
What would it take for you to grab this opportunity, to explore these possibilities in your health, wealth and happiness so that you could allow yourself to live a life of total ease joy and glory!
and you wouldn't choose that for what reason?

Come have some fun, what would it take to discover YOU!
It's an adventure of your lifetime! come and play!
Have your BARS run and or Body process TODAY!!!!

CALL NOW!!! 0418 406 902

I'm located in Sydney CBD - Martin Place
and your place.

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