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Access Conciousness is a tool kit for you to create a life of your choosing and allows you to step away from the one you are 'constantly' trying to get right.
It opens the door to receiving all of those things that you have been asking for, and gifts you the awareness of how to choose what really works for you.

And by the way there are No answers here, only questions. So here we go ... ready for change?

If you could be or choose anything right now that would make you smile, what would that be?

Hi Im Mat,

The first and currently the only Male Certified Facilitator and Access Body Process Facilitator in the UK. 'And everything that brings up or lets down' ... pod poc
I have been working with bodies for over 20 years and have found that the 'Access tools' are the simplest, fastest and most effective practical 'Tools of Change' I have discovered on my life walk, occasional run / marathon / up hill drag (not literally, but then again...)!
I sometimes bring lightness and humour to creating change, are you asking for more of the same or something different?

Access is not about anything you have to believe. It’s about YOU. It’s about you claiming you and releasing the judgments, conclusions and thoughts that make being you a difficulty or keep you stuck in trying to work out how to 'Fix it'.
My life continues to change dynamically, with more ease and sometimes with a little laughter.
What would you be willing to receive or change?

"Access has literally meant 'access' to my entire life."
The good, the bad and the ugly... and then the awareness to choose the stuff that works for me.
Which can come with a little smile or a giggle as a clue to let you know!

So there you go, are you smiling? What contribution can I be for you?

Recent testimonials:

"After weeks of applying to jobs or not even finding jobs to apply to, I now have one interview next week and I stumbled upon some jobs that weren't advertised on the usual channels and I now have 5 agencies wanting my CV and 4 possible jobs they want to discuss with me.
And all that happened after a night of feeling really shitty about everything. So I used the tools, did some clearings and voilà!
I have to say, Mat, I have never had so much change or so much magic happen in my life after a Bars class before!
So I'll have more of that, please! "
Isabelle, Cambridge

"First of all, thank you, thank you!
It was a really lovely day, very informative, very dynamic, you are amazingly
tuned in. There has certainly been a shift, so I'm really looking forward to what's next.
How does it get any better than this? "
Debby, London

"Hi Mat,
Just arrived home! Thanks for today - you’ve given us even more stuff to play with! We loved the course and thank you for all of your help and enthusiasm "
Marcos & Olga

"Thank you again for today , it was truly illuminating"
Suzanne, London

"I've just completed my first Access The Bars, with Mat - what a wonderful experience. The time just flew by (in more ways than one). From the moment I arrived I felt very welcome and relaxed - I find it hard to believe that I was five minutes walk from one of the busiest roads in London, it was so peaceful. Thank you "
Alix, London

"I have this wonderful feeling of serenity surrounding me, absolute oneness with the world "
Chrissie, Kent

"Dr Mat - he's all that, how does it get any better than that?

Calm, peaceful, reassuring. knowledgeable, patient, professional, perceptive, dynamic....and with really comfy massage tables to boot! Would definitely recommend to a friend (who's going round the bend...with stuff to the weekend). Thank you Doctor!
Adrian, Worthing

"Thank you for the class I had with you. I got so much out of it"

"Thanks a godzillion for the class yesterday, it was refreshing & brilliant!! "
Janet, Cambridge

"Thankyou again for being so open and unconditional and for creating a space that allowed surprising experience to be experienced and explored"
Gemma, London

Access Body Processes:
Would you like to recieve the gift your body truly is?
If you and your body would like to discover the other Access Body processes, would it be a contribution to book a private session?
These include Access Energetic Facelift , MTVSS and many more.

What would your body like to receive today?

Access Energetic Facelift:
This is an amazing hands-on process which reverses the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body – and beyond!


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