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My wellness career began in 1986 in the Fitness Industry while avidly training and racing as a competitive age-group triathlete. Evolving 6 years later, I returned to my alma mater city of Gainesville (go Gators!) this time to study Massage Therapy. Remaining focused on assisting other athletes with a sports massage certification for the '96 Olympic Games, I thought I'd found a niche as a male in the Massage Industry in Florida. Six years later the energy healing that actually began on my table as a massage student beneath my hands could no longer be denied.

Henceforth, my advanced massage coursework and the personal growth work outside of massage all had elements of energetic healing AND balancing. Integrating these tools had yet to assist the joy and ease I desired after five severe health crises starting back nearly 40 years ago, though. The gift of a proper diagnosis of lyme disease after the initial 1972 exposure had me almost completing my journey this lifetime in 2010. The many tools to date had failed me in their various combinations. I felt my soul was on its' way home.

And yet, the prevailing ability to listen with my judgment free heart guided me to the tools of Advanced Cell Training for many of the required physical shifts. Despite the inability to drive my truck the prior 13 months, I listened to the message "get to Unity Church" that first Sunday in January 2011. While walking to the parking lot ready to leave, I was literally pulled back by a friend yelling "Dan, have you heard about Access Bars yet?" Within minutes I felt I'd found the missing links for the emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of the cellular level and never looked back.

The rest is history. Simple, profound, easy, effective, elegant and practical are how I best describe the tools of Access Consciousness. I can move through my "stuck moments" by myself using these tools. I can receive and achieve the most amazing point of stillness after getting my Bars run more than any meditation, yoga and massage session combined. How does it get any better than that ? The place to start is a Bars session, an Access Clearing Session or one of my Access Bars Classes. What would it take for you to come join me ?

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Here's a video interview from the 2012 FSMTA State Convention

What others are saying:

I saw Dan for some bodywork as I was battling severe anxiety. He told me about access consciousness and having a bars session. He did what he called a 'taster' session. I felt immediate relief and within a week after that session, I had all worry/anxiety 'lift' from my body. I have been anxiety free for about 4/5 months now. It has made my quality of life better and it truly feels like I am starting fresh. JS, an LMT

Absolutely worth time, money, energy. Dan's class integrates more than Access Bars. He also incorporates tools from Access Consciousness work, which creates the space for even more healing to show up. CL, an AP

Thoroughly enjoyed your class and my transforming results. I look younger today My body alignment is improved. My energy is lighter and more flowing. I am in a better place. Thank you.MW, an LMT

You are obviously intuitive, gifted with perception, leadership abilities and genuine love and caring. What I would like to mention here is when you shared your poignant story from my question about "being", we were all "spellbound". I would loved to have had more time with you facilitating us on deep and or hidden issues, such as the one Wendy and I had with the water. That was brilliant. VE, a Life Coach

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