Name: Shannon O'Hara
Address: Worldwide, literally!
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Hello, I am Shannon and I have been involved with Access since the beginning. Gary D is my amazing stepfather and it has been my great fortune to have been exposed to Access since the very beginning. Access and Gary have been a huge gift in my life and I love being able to be that gift for others.

I am the creator of Talk To The Entities®, an Access Consciousness specialty class as well as a facilitator of Access Foundation & Level 1 and the 3 Day Body Classes.
I look forward to meeting you and creating a totally new world of possibility. How does it get better???


Welcome to Talk To The Entities ®. TTTE is an Access Consciousness ® specialty class.
TTTE is an extensive comprehensive educational system for all who desire to awaken their own abilities with entities, spirits and ghosts and learn how to deal with them productively on all levels.
The TTTE system includes classes, literature, videos and other educational products.
A two and a half day TTTE beginning class will completely handle all issues of fear, confusion and difficulty and begin to establish the foundational information and tools for clearing, communicating and receiving from and with entities.
A whole new level of trust in your awareness and ability will be cultivated and established, giving you the confidence, clarity and joy to change your life and the way you see, function and show up in the world
TTTE is a doorway to a totally different reality with entities and will create a future of ease, awareness and possibility like never before, regarding the spirit world.

What have you always known that you now have the courage to acknowledge?

Unveil the mysteries shrouding the spirit world and clear what prevents you from easily being aware of those without bodies.
Let’s change the fear and lies that surround this area so the world can have more consciousness and joy with entities communication and being entities.

I have discovered sources of energy that I never new were possible, through talking to the entities and places that I never knew existed.

Sound strange or exciting? Well, I think so too but I sure would like to see what else is possible.

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See you there!

Shannon Xo

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