Name: Linda Adsetts
Phone: 778-292-0542
Address: #154-16275 15th Ave.
South Surrey
British Columbia
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One of the challenges in my life has been to see the lighter side of life and live more joyously! I have been on this planet for 56 years now. As a young child, I knew how to be joyful. I just forgot!

In the past 15 years I began to search for something more. Five years into managing, my pet store, I suffered a crisis that was THE catalyst that intensified my yearning. In a moment of anguish, I surrendered and I called out to the God of my understanding with this plea-"I can't do it this way anymore-I need help"

I had no expectations at that moment, however, the universe heard my call and my journey changed in ways I could never have imagined.

People, I call them my earth angels, made themselves known to me and offered up suggestions for reading, that opened up a new world to me. A urge to meditate bubbled up in me but I had no idea how to start but again, an earth angel, showed me a way. Another one introduced me to a Spiritual Church and by then I realized I was not in Kansas anymore.

My world was rapidly changing and I along with it. I attended mediumship classes once a week for 6 years and began to talk to spirit. I took healing classes and became a Reiki Master/Teacher. I received Level Two in Natural Spirtual Healing, Level One in EFT, attended an Animal Communication Course and started to talk to the animals. I most certainly was living in a new and wonderful world.

A year after closing the pet store, I opened up The Soul Spa, a metaphysical cafe, book, gift and services store. I facilitated meditation classes, healing classes and brought in people of like mind to teach various classes as well. I thought this was it! After three very educational and enlightening years, but cash strapped years, I closed the business.

I have received wonderful gifts along the way, but the best gift has been the experiences that I have had with people, with those earth angels. Some have been my clients, some my family, some my friends and some have been people passing by in the night.

One of my friends introduced me to Access Consciousness. I had such profound shifts with the work that I became a BARS PRACTITIONER, FACILITATOR and proceeded to take Foundation and Foundation Level 1. I have since repeated that class and attended Level 2 and 3 and an ESB Class.

A BARS session will clear begin to clear your database of old and often useless information that locks you into the energy of your life. I often say to clients-lets dive down the rabbit hole! Access Consciousness is about being in the question. The questions, along with a clearing statement will provide you a way out of your locked in judgments and conclusions, that you live your life from and into the future of infinite possibilities. How can it get better? What else is possible?

I am finding out that it can way more fun!

Everything has confirmed my innate knowing that humanity is amazing-the courage-the magnificence is all there waiting for us to witness. I am in awe of our ability to thrive despite our circumstances. I believe that The Group is bang on when they close a session with this;

"You are magnificent beings of light and love. PERIOD! There is nothing you need do for us to love you anymore than we do. If you were to pass in this moment you would be welcomed with open arms and much celebration. You are more than enough."

Join me in discovering your own magnificence. Go For Your Joy!

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