Name: Shereen Noon
Phone: 310-497-0597
Address: 19B Plaza Nueva Aldea de Santa Fe
Santa Fe
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Having created cancer earlier in my early 20's three times, I know what it takes to create change with bodies. AFter going through chemo and radiation, the third time I had Hodgkin's Disease, I healed myself. Although I’d experienced so many different healing modalities, they only worked to the degree to which I was able to receive at the time.

I've found that running your Access Bars® is the fastest and most effortless way to get into a mode of RECEIVING, which then allows for all the things to change that you desire. You just lay on the massage table face up and receive all the crap from your past lives getting neutralized and depolarized. You'll get up feeling like you just had an amazing massage. Most people just fall asleep and snore for 60-90 minutes! No recreating the past, no digging things up, no re-experiencing anything, just deleting, deleting, deleting all those limitations that have been locked in your body for aeons.

The Access Consciousness tools clear ALL your resistance to receiving -- from ALL your lifetimes, dimensions, and realities -- and how does it get any better than THAT? The Access® tools and processes facilitate you in actually changing the hidden, unconscious, invisible patterns/habits that prevent you from physically experiencing all that you desire and know is possible in your life like; more money, faster easier self-healing, fun, pleasure, ecstasy, freedom, healthy relationships, confident creativity, and the ability to clear other people's thoughts.

Having your Access Bars® run will open you up to receiving all you've been asking for.

Learning the amazing Access tools and questions that facilitate you in knowing what you know and letting go of the judgment, conclusion, decision, and assumptions that have been causing all limitation that exists for you will bring you more happiness and fulfillment than you ever dreamed possible.

You can schedule a private Access Bars™ session with me by calling 310-497-0597.

I wonder what grand and glorious changes you can BE? How does it get any better than that?

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