Name: Damery
Phone: 508-864-6202
Address: 169 Plymouth Street
United States
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As a 'Seeker' of many years, I’ve read countless books, attended a plethora of classes, seminars and listened to numerous spiritual leaders, employing a multitude of modalities. When I found Access Consciousness™, I knew that it was the missing piece I’d been searching for my whole life.

Once I realized the possibilities - that I could choose, regardless of the programming of my past or any perceived limitations, a whole new Universe unfolded for me. I was like a kid in a candy store!

After transitioning from Microsoft in 2004, I immersed myself in the healing arts and began practicing in the field of integrative complementary medicine. In 2008, I created BarnStone Healing Center. It is my sincere honor to empower others to embrace their capacities to heal, be their authentic selves and create and enjoy rich, fulfilling lives.

What contribution to your life, your living and your joy may I be?
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Self-Empowerment Facilitator, Award-Winning Author
Book: Your Owner's Manual for Life: Source Code of Your Soul
~Creating You and Facilitating Your Life

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