Name: Connie Patton
Phone: 515-975-7236
Altoona Iowa
Iowa and travel
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I am a nurse, Licensed Massage therapist, and use therapeutic Holistic techniques including energy work, Reiki, to help others. I have been on a journey of self healing and use these techniques for myself as well.

I love finding new techniques that have tools that my clients and myself can use for being healthy, happy and enjoy life more. Our bodies can heal themselves but sometimes trauma, emotion, accidents,cause it to forget that it can.

I have found Access the Bars to be a wonderful technique that creates change and healing in many areas of your life. As they say, at the worst it can feel like a wonderful massage and at best it can change your life. This techniques works with activating Bars in 32 points on your head and upper neck.

I love to have my Bars run and feel rejuvenated and inspired afterwards. I loved it so much that i became an Access Bars Facilitator and can teach others to do Bars Sessions.

I am traveling and will offer classes in Iowa during spring and summer months and in the Southwest/Arizona in the fall and winter months. Perhaps other states, including Oklahoma/New Mexico along the way!

Come and try an Access the Bars session and see for yourself.

Check out my class schedule to learn Bars for yourself and to share with others.
If you are a Licensed Massage Therapist, you can receive National CEUs (8 hours) for taking the class. Once you take the class, you are an Access the Bars practitioner and can do Bars sessions for your clients.

How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

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