Name: Carol Reinlie
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United States
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Transformation seems to be my middle name! I have sought out so many modalities of change over the years and none have blown me out of the water more than Access Consciousness. A handful of years ago, I challenged myself in a big way. The day-to-day status quo was no longer working. I think we have all been there. I needed to change my life, move into more joy and catapult myself into the level of person - professionally and personally - that I am here to be. I know we are all on this planet to make a difference.

I signed on for a coaching program that was going to do it for me. Then, I realized, only I could make the shifts and changes to get where I want to go. I say that, but there really is no place to get to. We are already here! The gift I have been given through Access is that a change in our point of view allows us to receive what is already here for us. How does it get any better than that?

I was lead to listen to a teleseminar series that introduced me to Access Consciousness and my life has not been the same since. I got the downloads and listened to them non-stop, day and night. The months that followed brought more shifts than I had seen in all my years of trying other modalities combined. I feel like everything lead to this moment of consciousness. And, wow, what a difference being conscious makes!

After seeking out a facilitator here in Georgia for classes and individual sessions, I decided to become a Bars Facilitator - as it has made so many shifts in my great life and I wanted to share the same with others. I also felt like it could be a great add-on to my business coaching practice - where I help entrepreneurs reach new levels in all areas of their life. Then, I decided to become a Certified Facilitator so that I can help serve the universe as a whole with all the infinite possibilities that are out there for everyone. I ask myself daily, what contribution can I be to the Kingdom of We? What contribution can I be to you?

What else is possible for you? Infinity!

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